Should You Be Using Personalized Marketing?

Should You Be Using Personalized Marketing?

Effective marketing can improve engagement and increase sales, but how can you maximize your results? Companies are continually searching for new ways to reach their target markets, and personalized marketing is increasing in popularity. Marketing professionals call it with different names. Some call it one-to-one marketing while others call it individual marketing. But that doesn't make any change in its effectiveness.

Although individualized marketing has been used in a primitive form for some time, digital marketing has given rise to more innovative methodologies. Now, personalized marketing means much more than simply using your target’s name to grab their attention. Here we look at what it does mean and how you can implement it.

What is Personalized Marketing?

Marketing with personalized form uses the target’s data to create a unique, highly focused brand experience. Instead of trying to appeal to large segments of your market, you can use personalization to deliver bespoke content.

This 1-1 approach is becoming increasingly popular with consumers, who expect far more from their brand engagement. Although personalization has been shown to boost sales figures, it also fosters a sense of belonging and company loyalty. As brands seek to become partners with their customers, individualized marketing facilitates a two-way relationship and extends the customer lifecycle.

Personalized marketing means using the target’s user history, character, and personality to create more genuine engagement opportunities. Showing users products that they’re likely to be interested in based on their search history is just one example.

Persona-driven messaging, customizable apps, bespoke reward systems, dynamic ads, and location-based advertising are some of the methodologies used to deliver marketing content with a personalized touch to new and existing customers. With statistics already proving how effective personalization can be, it’s clear that companies will need to incorporate a more customized approach if they want to maximize engagement.

Is Personalization Time-consuming?

Many marketers fear personalized marketing will be too time-consuming and, therefore, too expensive to implement. However, personalizing your marketing content needn’t be as labor-intensive as you think.

The days of releasing one ad to the general population are well and truly over, but personalization doesn’t mean you’ll be increasing your marketing budget or hiring swathes of new staff to cope with the extra workload. In fact, new technology is making it more efficient to use one-to-one marketing methods than ever before.

Effective personalization relies on data collection and analysis. As artificial intelligence becomes a reality, the accuracy of individual marketing increases. Platforms and software are capable of analyzing data at faster rates than humans can ever hope to achieve, so companies will need to take a tech-based approach to incorporate personalized marketing into their game plan.

Combining Automation and Personalization

Marketing automation has revolutionized the industry and streamlined marketing processes. Innovative tools, such as a repurchase program, email autoresponder, or win-back program, are enabling brands to increase engagement with minimal staff involvement. Sendinblue is one such company combining advanced marketing automation with personalization. Their unique marketing toolkit enables firms to use an all-in-one platform to manage every aspect of marketing and customer relationships. As a result, companies can drastically increase their return while minimizing inputs.

Fortunately, these marketing tools are adept at implementing personalization. With the potential to evaluate the reams of data in record time, using automation tools can increase the accuracy of individualized marketing content and make it a viable option for businesses.

With many firms already reaping the rewards of personalized marketing, it’s fast becoming a first-choice marketing solution. For companies that want to attract new buyers, increase sales, retain existing customers and create a brand-based community, combining personalization with marketing automation is, perhaps, a fast track to success.

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