Seven Reasons Why You Should Send Your Kids to Summer Camps

If you have attended summer camps during your childhood, you definitely know the positive impacts it can have on children. These are particularly more important in these days of extensive digitalization, advanced technology, extensive indoor activities, and unsafe outdoor environment where kids don’t get enough time to play outdoors, connect with friends, and enjoy nature. With so many summer camps for students in Delhi NCR, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkatta, Pune, etc. arranged these days, parents should make the most use of these. Here is a list of benefits your kid will enjoy it.

1. They learn social skills:

During camping, kids come close to each other, learn to respect and cooperate with each other. They also learn to share chores, involve in meaningful discussions, express their likes and dislikes in a pleasant way, develop communication abilities, and resolve disagreements. They also learn the importance of teamwork, and to give their part while working in a team.

2. They make true friends:

Summer camps and other camps give students an opportunity to connect with children of their age, express themselves, and make meaningful friendships that often last for a lifetime. The relaxing environment provided by the camp facilitates this. They laugh, talk, sing, and play together. This brings them together.

3. They reconnect with nature:

In this modern era of extensive indoor stay experienced by kids, a camping experience is absolutely wonderful! Parents who fear to let their children out on their own due to increasing crime rates against kids can send them to camps which can enrich their outdoor experience and help them reconnect with nature.

4. They get physically active:

Unlike a few decades back when kids had a lot of time to play outdoors, today children are shut indoors due to their parents’ fear for their protection, technological advancements like video games, online videos, etc. Summer camp offers a much needed break from this monotonous physical inactivity. They get to swim, run, climb, jump, trek and hike.

5. They become more confident:

Camping enables kids to build self-esteem and self-confidence by eliminating athletic, academic and social competition posed at their school lives. It is this non-competitive environment that gives them the boost that they need to carry on with a sense of accomplishment.

6. They get to unplug from technology:

At camps, children get a break from all technologies like internet, mobile phones, television, etc. They get to engage with the actual world full of real activities, real people and real activities. This makes them realize that there is a plenty to do!

7. They grow more independent:

Children learn decision making skills at camps as they are bereft of the guidance from teachers and parents there. This helps them blossom in new directions.

So, why wait? Browse online to find summer camps for students in Delhi NCR, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkatta, Pune, etc.

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