Seven Reasons Why You Need to Start Using Anti-aging Creams

Seven Reasons Why You Need to Start Using Anti-aging Creams

Worried about wrinkled skin and grey hair? Are you turning old? Nah! It can’t be true. You’ve just turned...Thirty, maybe? I know that turning old could be horrifying at times. You have your whole life ahead of you. There’s gotta be a way. Lucky for you, there is a way indeed. Start using “Anti-aging” cream. The regular stress born by you has left you withering with the falling leaves in spring. Anti-aging creams have been tested to delay the aging process of your skin. Not that they could stop aging at all.

Many of the reasons why premature aging could begin are listed below:

  • You must be consuming a diet that is not healthy for you. Oily and fried foods, sugar, and salt are the main reasons if consumed excessively, for premature aging.

  • You should seriously cut-off on alcohol. Not that you should quit it. If consumed little on regular basis, with caution, could prove to be nourishing your health.

  • Smoking is another such habit that makes you look old. Nicotine inhibits the metabolism of the skin cells.

  • As said earlier, stress is another such reason that can trigger premature aging. Under stress, your body produces a hormone called cortisol that changes the structure of collagen.

  • Exposure to sunlight, as it contains UV Radiations, result in excessive formation of free radicals in the skin cell, which can wrinkle your skin.

There could be more than a hundred reasons that your dermatologist would suggest you to start using it. Most of them pass you over your head. Having said that, there still could be something that would convince you to start using it. Here are seven reasons why you should start using an Anti-aging cream:

1. They Are Natural products.

Most of the anti-aging creams available in the market are made from natural ingredients. Aloe, soy extracts, citrus, hyaluronic acid are some of the ingredients that can be found typically in an anti-aging cream. These natural ingredients contain vitamins E, B5, and collagens. Vitamin-E is known for protecting the skin against free radicals and UV radiations. Vitamin B5, which is a precursor to Vitamin-B, provides moisture to the skin. Soy extracts can help boost the cell’s own production of hyaluronic acid. It is responsible for the production of collagen in the cells which are responsible for the skin structure.

2. Using Anti-aging Creams Can Relax You

Almost all the anti-aging creams work when applied normally. If massaged with fingertips from the center of your cheeks with outward strokes, it can sooth your facial nerves. Dr. Bill Andrews from recommends using an anti-aging cream as well as a moisturizer before you go to sleep at night. Wouldn’t it be a refreshing feeling? Remember to wash your face before applying the cream. Washing your face could open up the micropores in your skin and help in better absorption of the cream in the skin.

3. It Can Check Free Radical Formation In The Cells

Vitamin-B5 is quickly metabolized into Vitamin-B in the cells. VItamin-B is known for inhibiting the formation of free radicals. You must be wondering what are these free radicals? Free radicals are the activated atoms of metals and halogens. How do they affect your skin? Free radicals damage the structure of collagen which is responsible for the tone and luster of your skin. How are they formed? Free radicals are released naturally in cells on during conversion of food to energy. On exposure to UV radiations, their production is sped up. Here’s another rock-solid reason for you to start taking care of your skin. Typically saying, these are the wastes that need to be removed from your body.

4. Cells Are Nourished With Q10

Another important compound produced naturally by your body is Q10. It is a natural vitamin-like compound that plays a key role in cell metabolism. With age, the formation of these compounds also decrease. Yes, this means, that you could be turning old naturally. Still, you can use anti-aging creams to look younger. A Q10 rich “Anti-aging” cream can help you restore your skin back to as it was. The more your cells are actively digesting your food, the younger you’d look.

5. Wrinkles And Lines Are Gone!

Having said that collagen is responsible for the skin structure if collagen production is inhibited or somehow damaged, you start noticing wrinkles and lines (stress marks) in your skin. With so many healthy natural ingredients Anti-aging creams can restore collagen in your skin cells. As you’ve already understood that these ingredients supply your skin with all the necessary tools (vitamins and acids, and Q10) to fight against the aging process. With its use, you can start feeling your skin firm and smooth. Obviously, a firm skin means no wrinkles and lines. These lines could also be developed due to prolonged creasing of skin at certain positions. So maybe lines are naturally forming.

6. Locks In The Moisture In The Skin

“Anti-aging” creams form a protective layer over skin. Closing micropores in your skin, they can reduce the dehydration of skin cells. Maintaining the moisture in your skin is very important as it gives the glow and luster to your skin.

7. You Can Start Flaunting Your Looks Again

You must be convinced by now that why you should start using anti-aging creams. With your skin turning younger, you will gain back your confidence. Maybe, you’ll find someone you like in a club this weekend. Flirt with her. Flaunt your looks before her. That was just something that I’d like to do. Anyways, you can still flaunt your looks. Your appearance could get you a lot of attention. You may benefit from it on your business front, your profession, or maybe you just want it so bad! In any case, you have another reason to start using an anti-aging cream.

With all these convincing reasons, how could you still not start using an anti-aging cream? Remember that for the best results you should start with some major lifestyle changes as well. Checking on smoking, drinking, and a healthy diet is not just important for anti-aging. It is also responsible for keeping you healthy and live a longer life. Of you who have just entered their late twenties should also consider using anti-aging creams.

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