Seo Strategy for Small Businesses to Use During the Pre-setup Phase

Seo Strategy for Small Businesses to Use During the Pre-setup Phase

Small businesses are considered the backbone of the economy, but with the advancement in internet technology most large firms are taking over the market share of these businesses. It is becoming difficult for small businesses to compete with big establishments as their lack of online presence has become a drawback for them. It has become so important in the modern business environment to be visible in the online market with effective SEO strategy in order to nullify the risk of becoming obscure in a competitive marketplace.

Owners of small businesses must understand that it is time to adopt modern marketing if they want to survive. They must abandon their fear of change and embrace it wholeheartedly. It will not only empower them but also give them a worldwide platform to grow. Internet is an open market that gives equal footing to all present. So if you want to make your presence felt in the digital world, let’s start with the basic concept of SEO.

SEO or Search engine optimization is what enables you to make your business noticeable online. It might sound simply but it gets a little more complicated as you dive further in. To simplify it, let us discuss how to implement an SEO strategy in the pre-setup phase of your business:

SEO Strategy for Pre-setup Phase

A major problem small business owners face in regards to SEO is that they do not focus on it during the initial stage. Most people think about SEO only during marketing campaigns, i.e. after the business is set up and a website is established. The issue with following this route is that implementing SEO to an already existing website can be time consuming and laborious; consult any digital marketing agency in India and they will tell you the same. It is not necessary to have SEO as the primary agenda, but it definitely must not be a secondary one. In order to establish a successful SEO strategy and campaign in the pre-setup phase a small business should follow the below points:

Select a Practical Name

As a businessman you must understand that no matter how great the name of your business sounds if it does not resonate with the public, it won’t work. Your name can be creative but it must also be clear enough for people to understand what the business is about. You simply cannot run the risk of losing customers just because you fancy a cool name. Keep in mind that your business name should have a great balance between creativity and SEO friendliness.

Choose Keywords Carefully

When you start a business you study the market thoroughly to gather as much data as possible to analyze the risks and potentials associated with the venture. The same applies to your website. When planning an SEO strategy, you must do proper research on the keywords or phrases you are planning to use. The keywords you use must capture the essence of your business. Aim for impactful long-tail keywords as it will decide the future of the website in regards to success or failure. Choose keywords that have a good balance between usage and search volume.

Check Rivals

If you want to have a good start, always have an eye out for your rival. See what they are doing with their websites and the kind of backlinks they are using to get traffic. There are tons of tools online to help you gather information regarding backlinks. Do study it but do not get obsessed with your rival’s activities. Focus on how you can improve on the existing strategies by studying theirs.

Follow these points in order to successfully start your SEO strategy. They will enable you to tackle issues related to SEO in the other stages of business.

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