Saving Tips: Your Guide to a Better Life

Saving Tips: Your Guide to a Better Life

All of us want to save money. Many of us are natural at it, while some just cannot get the hang of it. If you are one of them facing difficulty in saving money, maybe you need to read some handy guide about some tricks that work when trying to save money.

Saving money is your responsibility; after all, it's your hard-earned remuneration of a job well done. The only goal here is to develop a saving mentality. Read on to know more about what our experts think!

Recycle and reuse

Furniture, we all need them as the property looks not lived in without them. But they are expensive and the inexpensive ones, well, they look cheap! Shave those furniture costs by buying from garage sales, auctions and second-hand stores. It is excellent if you are a bit handy on the side with tools to fix minor bruises, dents, and breaks. You can buy second-hand furniture for a fraction of the price for a new one.

Quit smoking

The governments of most of the developed and developing countries keep hiking the prices of cigarettes in the hope that finally, it will deter people from buying them. Isn't it time to kick the "disease" once and for all? If you a smoker, do the math on how much you can save per year if you quit.

How much do you need the gym?

It is one thing to want to stay fit and quite another thing to build a supermodel physique! Ask yourself do you need the membership of that expensive multi-gym at the posh locality of the city? Hit the tracks at your local park for that cardio and buy a few types of equipment to set up a home gym. Cut down on the unnecessary!

Sell whenever you can

Selling is the perfect way to infuse some cash in your monthly budget. Believe it or not, you will have a lot of items to sell if you look for it. Books, DVDs, movie collections and clothes are some of the items you can put up for a garage sale. Furniture and heavy tools can be sold similarly as well.

The thing about designer clothes

Avoid buying designer clothes and shoes at all costs. It is okay to have a pair or a dress/jacket for that special occasion, but cramming your closet with everything designer and brand is not a good idea. Instead shop online for numerous options and better deals. Even cheaper products can take care of your fashion and comfort.

Stepping out for lunch

Frequent take-outs and lunching at a restaurant on a daily basis can pinch your pockets. It is not a good feeling when you cannot save due to food. Better invest in carrying a brown paper bag with your home cooked lunch. You won’t believe how much you will end up saving by getting rid of such recurring expenditures.

Haggle and negotiate

It might come as a culture shock to some, but haggling is an art, and not everyone can be good at it. Forget politeness, you need a better deal, and the prices are negotiable, that is the truth! Retailers and owners are quite willing to negotiate with you since they understand how business works. Get good at haggling to cut off a perfect deal for yourself.

Buy in bulk for better saving

Buying in bulk is always a great idea. Volume discounts are real, and they exist. Not only you will be stocking up for a longer time, but you will also have less to worry about, and you can save a handful of cash as well. Such a win-win situation must make this one a no-brainer. Buy in bulk all the items that are required daily like most of the foodstuff.

Operate within a fixed budget for a month

Have you thought about having a spending cap for every month? Do not fall into the debt trap by overspending when using your credit/debit card for making new purchases. It is easy to get carried away and end up reflex spending. You will end up going overboard and finish up with your savings. Instead, make a plan for the month and all the absolute necessities. While going shopping get your cash wallet and leave the cards at home.

Reward your frugality

Frugal living can be tough especially for someone who has just started to save money. Believe it or not, things will get better as time moves on. Chances are in a few months you won't have to live as frugally when you are just starting. To make sure that you can carry on and feel motivated it is essential to reward yourself. Make your purchases once every six months to make sure you do not overspend. These mini-rewards are a way to self pamper yourself for a job well done. You will feel better to have accomplished your goal as well as the new purchase itself.

If that Vegas trip is what you want, why not save for a year or a few months till you can afford it? Financing is an option but with any credit interest rates are associated, so it might be better to save and do it when you have accumulated enough. Plan your expenses as well as saving simultaneously. Once you get the hang of it, you will get better at it. 

Doing things by yourself

There are a number of things you can do by yourself. Learn the basics of cooking, fixing your computer, the primary electrical wiring, and fitting, plumbing, driving and maintenance of appliances, vehicles, and clothes. You will be saving a lot on the bills for such domestic work. By being a do-it-all, you will never get duped through overcharges by professionals. A do it yourself sort of a person is a go-getter and is already on his way to saving a lot more than the average Joe!

Now that you are the end of the list, how many do you wish to follow from now on?

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