Robot 2.0 Movie Review- a Fun Rajinikanth Ride with Brilliant Visual Effects

Robot 2.0 Movie Review- a Fun Rajinikanth Ride with Brilliant Visual Effects

Shankar, director of Robot 2.0 movie, a most awaited movie of 2018, has again followed the similar pattern. His template of good vs. evil is all set against diverse backgrounds and offers commercial film treatment.

Shankar’s movies are always loaded with social messages for society and are grand in nature. Robot 2.0 is all about in what way humans misuse technology and craft the world out of condition for other living beings.

About the storyline of Robot 2.0 movie

In the latest outing of Shankar, i.e. Robot 2.0 he again followed the same path as before i.e. the path of good vs. evil, in which Dr. Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) is a scientist who comes across the fifth force with his latest inventions Chitti, Nila as Amy Jackson and 2.0, i.e. Chitti reloaded robots.

The storyline of Robot 2.0 showcases that Chennai is in danger as a mystifying crow is devastating the city. To take on that giant crow which was made out of mobile phones, Chitti is brought back him. Though Chitti alone could not save all the people of Chennai, there come 2.0 robots with their destruction powers to take on Crow man Akshay Kumar.

Robot 2.0 movie, however, does not have anything new to offer as the entire storyline was revealed in the trailer itself and there are no further surprises to open up. It is a real treat for a Rajinikanth fan club who will see him in many avatars and delivered an excellent performance as Dr. Vaseegaran, Chitti and as Robot 2.0.

Robot 2.0 movie review

The movie is much interesting in several parts and is much relevant too. Overall Robot 2.0 entertains the audience and robot Nila, especially which offers it a pleasant twist. Rajinikanth is convincing as Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitti, but as 2.0 he appears as plastic many times and goes over the top in terms of expressions.

Akshay Kumar's look in Robot 2.0 movie

Akshay Kumar is a little slow with actions as an ornithologist, but he coveys what he needs with his expressions. The main talking point of robot 2.0 is the climax which runs for about 20 minutes and which has impressive CGI effects.

At last, we can say that Robot 2.0 movie is a must watch owing to its sheer scale as well as grandeur. However the storyline can disappoint the audience, the visual effects are amazing with international standards which make Robot 2.0 a must watch movie.

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