Repairing Vinyl Siding - 3 Methods to Do It

Repairing Vinyl Siding - 3 Methods to Do It - House Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the sidings used for the roof. In case of vinyl siding, dents, holes, and cracks are common. To repair the minor holes instantly you can use the vinyl caulk. If you are having larger damage, then you can easily remove a segment or replace it with a new patch. If your entire vinyl panel is damaged, then you have to remove it completed and place a new one. If you are looking to get siding services, then you should get Cape Cod house siding installed from the experienced companies.

 To help you out in repairing the vinyl siding following are the three methods that will be helpful:

1-Fixing Minor Damages on Vinyl Siding with Caulk

 To fix the small damages on your vinyl siding you can use the caulk. You need to do the following things:

  • You need to buy a suitable caulk from hardware stores to fill the small cracks and nail holes. You will get a variety of colors that you can match with a tint of your house siding. If you did not get it tinted once, then you can use vinyl caulk that can be painted later.
  • Fill the imperfection using the caulk. For this, you need to insert it in the caulk gun and cut the tip. You need to insert the tip in the crack or hole you are going to fill. Remember one thing you need to put the caulk gun in holes as deep as possible.
  • After applying the caulk, you need to wait for several days or as recommended in the direction of use. Once the caulk gets harder now, you have to cut the excess using a razor blade or a knife to give a flat surface to vinyl.
  • The unpainted caulk will be disturbing the overall look of your vinyl siding. To cover the non-tinted caulk with matching paint you need to use a small brush. Apply long strokes of paint so it can match with the surrounding paint. New coats are prominent so, it is better to paint the whole repaired segment or side.

2-Covering Holes, Crack, and Dents

For fixing these problems you need to do the below-listed things. Furthermore, you can also get in touch with vinyl siding company to get the work done.

  • You should cut more than the damaged part to get an even surface. You need to use a knife with a new blade and cut around the damage. For instance, if you can’t cut 2 inches around the affected part, then cut more.  
  • To remove the damaged part of your vinyl siding you need to use a zip tool, it is also called as a siding removal tool. You should use zip tool beneath the lip of your panel. Just pull down the segment downward and slide the tool to unzip the damaged part to pull it out. If your panel is damaged near the nail strip, then first, remove the nails before removing the segment.
  • When fixing the segment, you should cut a new segment 4 inches wider as compared to the damaged segment. You should cut the overhanging vinyl. Remember that your replacement part should be of the same height similar to the removed segment but should be 2 inches wide on the sides.
  • Next, you should measure and mark the snap flange at the lower portion of a replacement panel up to the damaged segment. The snap flange connects with the panel at the lower side of replacement using your zip tool.
  • You should remove the excess flange from the panel you are going to replace.
  • You should hold a replacement panel over the hole. You should make an outline on a panel using a pencil. Apply a perimeter of vinyl caulk about 1 inch inward from the outline.
  • In the end, you should press the patch on the caulk and pull upwards to lock the lip of panels beneath it. Keep one thing in mind that some caulk brands dry faster so, you should check the directions to know about the time you should wait for letting caulk to dry.

3-Replacement of Entire Panel

 If you are going to replace the entire panel, then you need to do the following tasks. In addition, if you are looking for professionals, then you should contact house siding contractors to get satisfactory results.

  • You should get the zip tool and pry bar to start the work.
  • When removing the panel, you should start the work from the endpoint. To remove the damaged panel, you need to insert the zip tool below the vinyl until it reached to the lip. Pull downward side to unhook siding and you should slide the tool on the opposite end to carry on unzipping. You should unzip the panel to get access to the nails.
  • You need to remove the damaged panels nail using a pry bar. When you have completed the unzipping, bend it out using your elbow. Remember one thing that avoids doing vinyl siding work in the cold weather especially if it is freezing. The reason is vinyl become brittle and it will crack in low temperatures.
  • Now, it's a time to place the replacement panel using nails. You should press the new panel to lock its lower lip on the panel below it. The roofing flange will have sturdy holes and nails will connect the panel to the house.
  • In the end, you should zip all the unzipped panels using a zip tool. You should apply a medium pressure because when the tool passes, the panels will get fixed to one below it.

This was a detailed process regarding the repairing of vinyl siding. In addition, if you are looking to get services regarding vinyl siding, stucco siding, wood siding services or more, then you should get in touch with professional companies to hire the experts.

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