Remodel your Bathroom with High Gloss Acrylic Wall Panels

Bathroom Wall Panels - Remodel your Bathroom with High Gloss Acrylic Wall Panels

In modern homes and property, designers are opting for acrylic wall panels shower panels. This is very different from the regular bathroom tiles that have been around for quite some time now.

Over time, the bathroom starts looking dull and with regular cleaning using acids and detergents, they may even need a change. Bathrooms require a whiff of modern and glamorous touch, and this is where the acrylic shower wall panels come to the forefront.

Top Reasons to Pick Acrylic Bathroom Acrylic Wall Panels

Reflective Sheen of Acrylic

The acrylic panels today have become famous because of their appearance with high gloss. However, unlike regular glass, this is stronger and more durable. The clear-cut to size acrylic panels are in popular demand for their fashionable look and appearance.

Stylish Range of Colours

The acrylic bathroom panels are available today in a host of glamorous colors from reputed companies like Sheet Plastics. There are frosted, tinted, and even shimmery sheets available in a host of bright colors ranging from red to mint green, to fluorescent pink, baby pink, and more. These can be a stunning contrast to the uber-chic bathroom fittings and design elements.

Luxurious Look

The polished and shiny surfaces of the acrylic splashback panels give the bathroom a new look. Understandably, we all really appreciate the squeaky-clean looking walls that reflect in the bathrooms at all times. The class and elegance that radiate from these fine acrylic wall panels are impossible to get from the regular bathroom tiles.

Diverse Range of Size

As a designer with a task of picking gorgeous acrylic wall panels, you might wish to keep the things straightforward in lines. There are sheets of varying sizes and styles available. Thus, there is one with the standard dimensions and one with bespoke options to suit all types of customers.

Multiple Applications

Whether you wish to remodel your bathroom or the shower stall alone or wish to give the kitchen a new facelift, these acrylic splashbacks are the best solution in hand. They are great additions for remodeling commercial and residential bathrooms and kitchens or any other room as per the requirement. They can amplify the style quotient of offices too.

Get Glass Finish at a Lower Price

A designer prefers the back painted glass for the décor of the bathroom walls. However, this acrylic panel is more trendy and lower in cost too in comparison to the back painted glass. It is lighter and more functional too.

Effortless Installation

The cut to size acrylic shower panels get the right size, shape and even have holes drilled on them for an easy fix. They get double-sided tapes on the back. The installation experts will take very less time to install these acrylic wall panels and that too without much of tools. The companies like Sheet Plastics offer the customers Bespoke design option. This helps in getting the actual size and will have 1mm extra for just giving allowance to the human error while measuring. They will be appropriate for the size of a wall just to suit your bathroom wall.

Easy to Maintain

A primary concern that any designer or homeowner will have is maintenance. A tile-walled bathroom may still accumulate dirt in the grouts. It becomes difficult to scrub and clean out the grime from between the tiles. The acrylic wall panels for shower do not possess any gaps between them. That eliminates the formation of any grime in between them. It is relatively simpler to clean the panels. Just a warm wet cloth will be enough to keep these panels clean and smelling fresh occasionally.

UV Resistant and Durable

Regular glass or other such materials may get marks and cracks over time. Exposure might even dull the polish in some time. However, the acrylic splashbacks will remain in top shape for a longer time under similar conditions. It is worth the investment down to every single penny. It is also better than wood or ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles may over time draw grime to settle and soon with regular cleaning, lose their original sheen. They require a lot more cautious handling, unlike the acrylic panels.

The Main Need - Waterproof Surface

Your bathrooms will constantly get to meet plenty of splashes and sprays of water, and some condensation now and then. This means the acrylic shower panels will need to be completely waterproof and not even allow mold or damp patches from forming in the wall behind the acrylic wall panels.

The Best for DIY Lovers

These acrylic wall panels get the double-sided tape, which just requires you taping to the wall. There is no need for you to spend on hiring any technicians for the same too.

The craze for Acrylic sheet is everywhere, and we can imagine just why. The stylish look, the glossy finish, and the durability - all combine to ensure that Acrylic sheets are here to stay. Additionally, the no-fuss maintenance and the waterproof surface are all reasons for a big switch from the regular tiles to these acrylic sheets happening now.

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