PVC Pipes Manufacturing Project Business Plan

PVC Pipes Manufacturing Project Business Plan

First, Polyvinyl-Chloride is Called PVC. Second, you may easily begin a PVC pipes manufacturing company in medium and small scale basis. The PVC pipes are frequently utilized in electric, irrigation and building businesses. The substances like wood, metal, and paper are substituted by PVC in several programs. PVC pipes are frequently used as electrical conduits in the nationally and industrial usage. If you have a well-prepared PVC Pipe Manufacturing business plan, you are sure to be successful at running a profitable company.

PVC pipes are also frequently used for water distribution. It has a number of features that makes it suitable for use where water is involved. PVC pipes are immune to the majority of the chemicals and also have the highest electric and heating properties. On that note, reading this article would be of great help to you. Read on.

Indian Market For PVC Pipes Manufacturing

In India, the PVC pipe marketplace is on the summit as the infrastructure rising high and large. PVC pipes are primarily utilized in the agriculture and construction industry as well as the requirement is becoming increasing from the closest future. It's used for a variety of functions like water distribution, spray irrigation, deep tube well approaches and in property drainage.

The PVC slotted and corrugated pipes are popular for drainage of water in the property where waterlogging is essential. As the requirement in rural water providers, for irrigation facilities, growth in the building business and the growth of the electricity community in rural locations. Over 60 percent of the need for PVC pipe is in around 110 mm outer diameter.

Register For PVC Pipes Manufacturing Business

To begin PVC pipe production organization, register with the ROC. Obtain Trade Licence out of Municipality. Then use for Factory Licence in accordance with your present state rules. Apply for Udyog Aadhar MSME online enrollment. Additionally, use for'No Objection Certificate' in the nation's Pollution Control Board. Get the BIS certificate for Quality Control. Open an existing bank account at a bank that is overburdened. Secure your brand-new Trademark Registration. Apply for ISO certificate.

PVC Pipe Making Machine & Required Equipment

  • High-speed mixer with cooling setup.

  • PVC rigid pipe extrusion plant

  • vacuum sizing unit

  • cooling tank

  • haul-off unit

  • cutting machine.

  • Dies

  • Scraper grinder

  • Overhead water tank

  • Pipe storage & racks

Raw Material Required For PVC Pipe Manufacturing Machine

For PVC Pipe production raw materials needed include PVC resin, DOP, Stabilizers, Processing acids, Lubricants, Colours, Fillers. Water and electricity will also be required.

PVC Pipes Manufacturing Process Step By Step

Extrusion- for the production of PVC pipe, such as other thermoplastics that the PVC uncompounded resin, isn't acceptable for immediate processing. For procedure and equilibrium demand mixing additives with PVC resin. These are a few additives are employed in the production procedure for rigid PVC pipes: DOP, DIOP, DBP, DOA, DEP.

Plasticizers – common plasticizer are DOP, DIOP, DBP, DOA, DEP, Reoplast, Paraplex etc.

Stabilizers – The common stabilizers are lead, barium, cadmium, tin, stearate, etc.

Lubricants – Lubricants used are Buty-Stearate, Glycerol Moni-Stearate, Epoxidised Monoester of oleic acid, stearic acid, etc.

Fillers – Fillers are used for producing a special quality product like calcined clay.

Before beginning the procedure, the PVC resin is compounded with plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, and filters for enhancing the process and equilibrium of the goods. The components and PVC resin are blended in a searchable mixer.

In the PVC pipes manufacturing procedure, the chemical resin is fed into the dual screw extruder and you will find the inserts and perish are fitted to get the required diameter. Following that, the PVC chemicals are passed through a heated room and melted beneath the compression of both twist and warmth of the barrel. At the past, the marking is completed in the time of extrusion.


The pipes come from extruder are cooled from the sizing procedure. There are two sorts of sizing are utilized. Pressure Sizing and Vacuum Sizing.


The following procedure after pruning is grip. The tube grip unit is necessary for continuous haulage of pipes being extruded from the extruder.


The previous procedure is cutting. There are two sorts of cutting edge techniques for PVC pipes are both Manual and Automatic. Then the pipes have been analyzed for ISI marks and prepared for dispatch.

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