Procuring Inimitably Designed Rakhis for Your Beloved Brother

Procuring Inimitably Designed Rakhis for Your Beloved Brother

With the passage of time, old customs are being integrated into newer molds. The festival of Raksha Bandhan has evolved over time and is no longer restricted between brothers and sisters; it has extended between friends, family members and also between sisters or brothers. Hence this occasion marks the bond of humanity. Still, the event of Rakhi is primarily recognized as the event where sisters tie a Rakhi around the wrist of her brother. The pledge of protecting the sister from the any ill is taken by the brother and is a happy event for the entire family where relatives and friends participate and have quality family time. The sister who is tying the Rakhi also prays for her brother’s longevity and prosperity.

The association of Rakhi and religious festivity

Raksha Bandhan is an event that falls on a full moon day. The night of full moon is considered auspicious by several religious communities, and ritualistic worship takes place on this day. The ceremony of Raksha Bandhan is also accompanied by the preparation of several traditional desserts and sweets. Savory items are also present in the list along with confectionaries. There is a special plate or thali for doing the puja during the Rakhi ceremony. Specially decorated plates for the puja of Raksha Bandhan is also bought for making the event even more meaningful.

Finding a Rakhi that truly creates the necessary impact

The Rakhi is at the center of the ceremony, and the whole ritual cannot be complete without this item. Hence it is very important to acquire a Rakhi that is not only beautiful but also suitable for the brother.

There are different types of Rakhis available in the market some of these are discussed below:

  • Beaded structures: Rakhis made with colorful beads is wondrous to behold. There is ample choice in terms of color and size of beads. Beaded Rakhis are extremely beautiful and are also quite elegant depending upon the beads used.
  • Zardozi work: The Rakhis crafted from fine silk threads which are woven to form the Rakhiare traditional and classy at the same time. These Rakhis are decorated with superior zardozi embroidery to make the Rakhitruly handsome and unique.
  • Diamond motifs: In order to acquire a bejeweled look Rakhis are fashioned by using diamond stone motifs. In this form clear stones are used for making a pattern or a single central piece is used as a diamond stud.
  • Shapes and designs: Some Rakhis are designed by following a particular shape. For example, peacock shapes are often used for making Rakhis.
  • Minakari stylization: The intricate work of minakari can also be done on Rakhis to make it look vibrant and beautiful.
  • Kundan application: The brightness of Rakhis made by Kundan work is unparallel. It appears bright and beautiful on the hand of one’s beloved brother.
  • Rakhi for Kids: For younger brothers, there are options for choosing Rakhis having smiley faces or car designs. Some other forms of kids’Rakhi include the application of cartoon characters for making the center of the Rakhi like Pokémon or Chota Bheem.
  • Rakhi sets: In many traditional customs brother and sister-in-law are both presented with Rakhis on the day of Raksha Bandhan. Therefore, Rakhi sets are also available that consist of a Rakhi for the brother and a LumbaRakhi for his wife.

Hence, there are different types of Rakhis available in the online stores, and one can choose a suitableRakhi as per one’s choice.

Presenting loved ones with Rakhis while being far away.

In a world where internet is gaining precedence and offline shops are getting overpowered by online shopping websites it is no wonder that for acquiring the elements needed for a particular festival one can simply browse online and look for a specific shop.

In order to send royal Rakhi to India, it can be done in the blink of an online transaction. All that a sister needs to do is to choose the Rakhi that has the most enriched design and then complete the address insertion and payment procedure. Her brother will receive the gorgeous Rakhi on the day of Raksha Bandhan by mail order. This option is suitable for those who cannot physically visit her brother’s residence due to distance or time issues. However, if possible, a loving sister as a warm surprise can buy that stunning Rakhi from beforehand and then secure it around the wrist of her brother on the sacred ceremony of Raksha Bandhan.

Time constraints or inability to do the Rakhi shopping on time can be a little frustrating, but the presence of online shops that provide each and every element needed for the Raksha Bandhan ceremony makes it easier for an individual to procure the necessary items and get those delivered in the correct address on time.

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