How to Find the Perfect Data Security Services for Your Business?

How to Find the Perfect Data Security Services for Your Business?

The entire world of cyber-security is rapidly progressing at a marvelous speed and the advancements in technology data security services are helping businesses become increasingly better at thwarting the efforts of hackers and digital criminals who are trying to exploit data security loopholes. The graph of cyber-security attacks has been on an astonishing growth, which has become a massive concern for internet users and business organizations.

The issue of data privacy and data security seems more relevant now than ever before. People from every corner of the world are essentially numb at this point due to the constant barrage of data breach notifications and revelations of how nefarious criminals have compromised their precious data.

The recent breach of trust at Facebook led to private information being shared and abused by Cambridge Analytica and Google was just fined more than $57 million USD for privacy violations under the GDPR regulation, that went into effect last year. In the present age, people and companies are on high alert when it comes to data privacy. This is where the role of data security services providers creep in.

The Role of Data Security Services Providers

Data security services are designed to safeguard critical business data from undesired access and mishandling and to secure humongous volume of files from deletion, alterations, viruses, and theft. Data security service providers professionally and delicately assist businesses with measures that need to be taken in order to counter the emerging menace of online criminality.

These data security service firms help companies with data protection through various integrated steps including authorization, authentication, encryption and password management. The other commonly used methods of data security include data masking and data erasure. There are a large number of data security firms offering data backup services in the event of a loss.

If you are currently contemplating hiring a data security service provider, then start by conducting research to find the most renowned companies operating in your area. Due to the high demand for these data security services, there are a plethora of different companies you can choose from. We would recommend compiling a list of the top three companies in your locality and contact each service provider.

Visit their office to gain insight on how they operate, their office culture and ask for client referrals. The more experience they have the better, however, do not base your judgment simply on their experience in the market. Find out which tools they are using and how they plan to effectively protect your data. Once you have all this information at your disposal, simply cross evaluate all of your information to hire the services of the company that best meets your business's specifications.

How to Protect Your Data?

Alarming as the situation may sound, there are many different security protocols which you can take to protect your business data from breaches; both internal and external.

  • Data Security Policies

When looking to mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks, an important step is to prepare a list of security-related measures and data security policies. This sort of organizational plan could significantly help in crucial scenarios and times of incident response. The presence of effective policies in addition to efficient data security services plays an efficient role in preventing extreme impacts of a cyber-attack.

As with the concept of access management and rights, employee access could be picked easily and you would remain updated about the users in your firms who could have potentially been breached. It is quite important to keep a concept in consideration that a policy or process plan is only as good as its last revision.

  • Password Management

It is quite critical that firms should pay strong emphasis on their password management mechanism apart from having data security services. It is not only about choosing strong passwords, but it also is about not repeating the same password over the different counters of departments in the organization.

You might be using similar passwords in a bid to remember them but imagine a situation where one of the services which you are using gets hacked. Modern day hackers are extremely vigilant and proactive, you don’t want to be playing in their hands and risking the reputation as well as the trust of your firm.

Consider setting up a training seminar where you educate employees about how important it is for them to choose a strong password and how they should regularly change their access codes. Make sure, employees are aware that they can be held accountable for any breaches that occur due to their incompetence in setting up strong passwords.

  • Regular Data Backup

For an unexpected attack or a data breach, it is considered important to have an organization regularly backing up their data. To have a successful business, you must adopt a rigorous habit of automatic and manual backup activities even if you are using data security services. It is highly recommended that the data should be protected through updated software and effective antivirus tools.

You should consider encrypting all of your data before you save it on the cloud or on Google Drive. This may sound complicated but all you have to do is download an encryption tool to encrypt all of your personal and commercial data. This will add an extra layer of protection to all of your data.

The Bottom Line

Every year, data breaches are responsible for costing companies millions and billions of dollars. It is not necessarily that the hacker will always be some external influence as there are many instances when these breaches have been facilitated by someone from the inside. In the current digital world of immense cyber-security risks, it is quite critical for you to be well equipped with security tools that are needed to protect your most valuable asset and data security services can be the best option for you.

Author Bio:Judy Robinson is a passionate tech blogger at Mars Technology, a Virginia based Data Security and Cybersecurity Company. She is passionate about technology and loves to analyze the tech industry in her spare time and stay in touch with the latest happenings. Follow @JudyJRobinson for more updates.

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