People Do Good When They See Other's Acts of Goodness

People Do Good When They See Other's Acts of Goodness

This is a story of women and her 9 years old daughter named Kallie flying from Charlotte to Miami. We have heard many times in our life that kindness is contagious and good acts attract more acts of goodness. But knowing that it actually happened in the real-life of somebody is really interesting.

Back to the story, Kallie and her mother were flying to Miami to spend a week with Mike, the women's husband. It was already a long time since they had not met, and therefore they were very happy, especially Kallie who was very excited to be with her dad.

As they boarded the plane, as usual, it was full. They noticed that there was a group of Boy Scouts at the gate. Knowing the situation, women told Kallie that they would be ok with the Boy Scouts if needed due to the huge rush of passengers.

Since they were late in getting their boarding passes, they couldn't get seats together. Actually, Kallie wanted to take a window seat but had to be separated by the aisle. The girl was nervous and was looking at her mother frequently.

The women tried to convince co-passengers to exchange the seats so that she and her daughter Kallie can be together. But the passengers were not ready to do so believing that they should follow the arrangement as per their passes.

Apart from the women and her daughter, there was one more group of passengers in the same confusing and stressed situation. A mother with three of her children was seating several a few raws ahead. They were split up due to a mistake in their boarding passes and were very anxious. They also requested their co-passengers for an exchange of seats but didn't get a positive response.

The mother was in a panic that was clearly visible from the tears in her eyes because her younger boy got a seat in a separate raw and had to be with strangers.

Good Acts Attract More Acts of Goodness

The leader of Boy Scouts was watching all these things happening. He also noticed that nobody was helping her despite seeing her tears. After a while, he stood up and said the mother that he can help her. He rearranged his group to make some space. It took about five minutes for the group, but finally had enough space for the family. There was a sign of relief and thankfulness on the face of that mother.

As this even of kindness took place, it leaves a deep impact on the other passengers. Kallie was still in panic and the women were helpless as she was not in a position to do anything for her. But to their pleasant surprise, a male passenger sitting near the Scout Leader offered help to the women. He asked her if she and her daughter would like to have their seats, referring to himself and the Scout Leader.

So finally, Kallie and her mother were together enjoying the scenery from her window seat.

Probably, that man wouldn't have offered them the help if that Scout Leader hadn't done so for the mother and her family. However, one thing was clear that kindness is contagious and any good act attracts more acts of goodness.

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