Own a Car Without Buying It by Car Subscription

Owning a Car Without Buying It – Subscription Makes It Possible

The thought of buying a car is very liberating. It promises freedom and privacy and is regarded as a major sign of progress. Owning a car remains to this day, a big deal. However, the ground reality is that a car becomes a liability as soon as it has been bought. The down payment and the monthly EMIs can become a huge burden on the budget and make people cut corners. But things are changing. Based on the sustainable principles of the shared economy, car subscription is making inroads into Indian cities. This modern take on traditional car leasing is helping thousands of people enjoy driving the car they want while also skipping the major costs of buying a vehicle outright. Let us learn more.

No Down Payment

What else can you do with all that down payment cash if you did not have to pay it to the car company? Go for a vacation or pick up a new fancy TV and entertainment system. Need some fixes in the house? Or maybe you can just invest it for a more secure future. There are so many possibilities and car subscription allows you this valuable financial freedom.

The ZAP ‘Subscribe a car model is designed for those who do not want to compromise on their mobility while also being very smart about their finances.  Imagine a situation where people can pick up their dream cars without having to worry about a down payment. That is the major highlight of the Zoomcar Associate Program subscription program and thousands are already benefitting from it.

From 6 to 36 Months, the Car is yours

The subscription model by ZAP works for a variety of demographics. There are times where one is stationed in a new place for a set period of time. Short subscription tenures allow customers to own a car for as less as six months or twelve. These short subscription tenures are also ideal when someone wants to try out driving around for the first time in the city.

Another joy of car subscription is the wide range of cars that subscribers have access to. With a 6-month subscription, you can drive two different cars every year. Try out a cozy hatchback and then shift into a sleek sedan. You can also choose from the latest SUVs – the options are aplenty and car enthusiasts will love subscribing to ZAP.

One can also subscribe to a car for as long as 24 or 36 months so there are options for everyone.

Additional ZAP Perks

When you subscribe to a car from ZAP, you will enjoy the support that is synonymous with the Zoomcar brand. Most prominent here is the 24/7 on-road support, an amazing feature that is especially useful for long trips. Even regular car owners do not have the luxury of live support.

The cost of car maintenance and servicing is something that the salesperson at the car showroom will not dwell on too much, but it does take a gradual toll on the budget. ZAP’s car subscription program takes these extra cost headaches out of the equation with the Zero maintenance and servicing fee feature. Those who want to get the car serviced just need to book a maintenance check on the Zoomcar app and their car will get picked up by a team of mechanics. After a professional and thorough servicing, it will be dropped back in very less time.

Earn more with ZAP's Car Subscription

There are more ways to save as a ZAP subscriber. When not in use, the car can be listed on the Zoomcar platform and help subscribers earn by renting it out to fellow Zoomcar users. One can save up to 70% of the subscription fees by using this sharing feature judiciously. All this is facilitated via the ZAP app, so it is a very easy and simple process.

A car is a great lifestyle upgrade. You can now travel to the office in style and discover the city’s nightspots without having to worry about security. Those road trip plans will finally become a reality. Car subscription delivers all the privileges of car ownership with none of the liabilities. The deal cannot be sweeter than this. Consider ZAP and gain the mobility that you crave for.

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