Moving to Arizona? All You Need to Know!

Moving to Arizona? All You Need to Know!

If you’re looking for a place with a booming economy and truly breathtaking nature, Arizona is the clear answer. But, before you decide to move here, or start preparing for the move, it’s also important to know what life in Arizona is like, especially if you haven’t lived in a, well, desert-like climates before. This doesn’t mean that the heat would be a deal-breaker but it can help you understand how to properly prepare for life in this state and manage your expectations.

The Fact Is It’s Really Hot

You learn in school that temperatures in deserts tend to drop considerably at night, but that science simply doesn’t apply to Arizona. The weather gets warmer around April and it only starts to cool down once October comes. And it can get really hot – think 120 degrees F for days and weeks. When the temperature drops below 90, people celebrate the refreshment. That said, an AC is a must for every home. During the peak of summer, most people don’t go outside during the day to avoid the sun and heat. If you don’t have enough light summer clothes to pack with you before moving to Arizona, make sure to stock up!

There Are More Elderly People

Due to the fact that the weather is warm, the housing is generally affordable, and the medical care highly developed and accessible, it’s no wonder that the old people ratio to the general population is quite noticeable. Of course, this doesn’t have to be a problem for you at all, but it’s worth noting as some youngsters may not enjoy the company of the seniors all that much. That doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do. Quite the contrary! Many young people looking to move to Arizona check out new homes in Scottsdale precisely because the city offers plenty of options for entertainment, hobbies, shopping, festivals, and whatever else you could think of really. It’s definitely the ideal blend of desert and luxury living.

Sand Storms Are a Thing

During the summer months, it’s not uncommon to get some wind and sand storms known as haboobs. This might not sound so appealing, but for some people, getting the rain and storm makes their favorite part of Arizona living. If you like storms yourself, you’re bound to find beauty in this particular Arizona weather as well. However, this also means that the chance of power outages during these storms is highly probable. Therefore, you might want to prepare your new home with generators, lamps, candles, and all other essentials that will make your “no electricity lifestyle” bearable for a hot minute. But just as fast as they come down, these storms go away. While the air is typically dry throughout the year, the storm season brings the humidity. Not the most pleasant thing in the world when it mixes with heat though.

There’s Rarely Any Cold Water

To put it simply, water almost never gets completely cold. Again, this is due to the high temperatures and hot weather outside that heats the water inside the pipes. Of course, this is a great thing when it comes to shower as you won’t have to waste money on heating up the boiler, but it’s not so great when you want to drink cold water. Therefore, you’ll have to prepare yourself for storing water in the fridge if you ever crave a cool sip.

Learn Gun Safety Rules

It’s allowed to carry a concealed weapon in Arizona. You can exercise your 2nd amendment to bear arms freely, but you should also do so responsibly. Therefore, make sure to learn as much as you can about gun safety rules and maybe even take up some classes if you plan to own a gun yourself.

It Does Snow in Arizona

Even though the spring and summer months are all about the heat, the fall and winter are extremely pleasant. And if you’re interested in visiting mountainous areas of the state, you can expect to see some snow as well. That said, you’ll also need to get your warmer clothes out and ready as the summer garments can’t make do all year round.

It's Simply Beautiful

A lot of people who move to Arizona for the first time find that they have a strong need to upgrade their camera or take up painting. This is all down to the fact that the nature and sights around the country are so incredibly beautiful that they simply call for capturing them forever. It’s not a surprise then that the art and photography scene here is huge.

Before moving to Arizona, make sure to create some new habits, such as bringing water with you wherever you go. It’s very important to stay hydrated all of the time. That said, your best bet would be to get yourself a thermos bottle that can keep your water cool.

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