MeToo Movement for Justice and Dignity of Women in India

MeToo Movement for Justice and Dignity of Women in India

Since its start a year ago, MeToo movement has created a turmoil in the society. It has particularly targetted the celebrities and politicians in the United States and recently in India.

The first among them was the accusations from Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta against Nana Patekar, a veteran actor for the sexual harassment 10 years ago. She accused Nana of his misbehavior on the set of Horn OK movie.

This accusation accelerated the movement in recent days and has brought other events into the light. Many from Bollywood, writers, top politicians, corporate world, and people from the entertainment industry are being accused of using their positions wrongly and behaving improperly with women.

There are famous names like Alok Nath, Gaurang Doshi, Rajat Kapoor, Chetan Bhagat, Vikas Bahl, Kailash Kehr, Raghu Dixit, and many others apart from Nana Patekar who have been in the media these days for their inappropriate behavior towards women in their recent to very old past.

On the other hand, many companies and celebrities have supported MeToo movement and have announced that they and their companies will not tolerate the misbehavior with women and will take strict actions.

Ajay Devgn twitted on Oct 12, 2018, that it is disturbing for him and will not allow such incidents in his company. He further mentioned that he believes in respecting women. He will ensure the safety of women within his company.

In another event, Tata Motors Ltd has taken a quick action and asked its chief of corporate communications to go on leave. It was in response to the allegations against the executive by a journalist. In support of her allegations, she had posted some screenshots on her Twitter account.

Though this is just the tip of an iceberg, it will create an awareness among other women. It will also give a strong message to people believing that they would never be held guilty for sexually harassing women.

However, like every coin, MeToo Movement also has two sides. So the society and law have to see that no innocent person is accused and punished due to the fake allegations being done with the greed for fame and sympathy or a false sense of achievement.

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