MeToo Movement and Its Dark Side

MeToo Movement and Its Dark Side

MeToo Movement has become a trend in recent times in India, and many names are coming out as accused. Big names from the entertainment industry, media, politics, and corporate houses have raised questions on civilization and society.

When powerful women were not able to speak about the inappropriate behavior against them, what would be the situation of an average woman in Indian society? This is a clear evidence that the law and social system has failed in ensuring the respect and safety of women in this modern age as well.

Can MeToo Movement harm innocents?

While it is true that this movement has raised an awareness regarding women safety and dignity, it is also true that many are taking advantage of the situation to achieve their villainous intentions.

Many are facing the accusations these days, and more are in line, but are all they really guilty for the sexual misconduct or harassing behavior or are they being targeted for other purposes? This is a critical question.

Everything has a dark side or negative part and MeToo Movement is no different. It’s just the beginning of the movement, so we can’t see the truth of everybody now, but there will be more shocking news in the future.

Opportunity for publicity or revenge?

It can be used as an opportunity of earning publicity or taking revenge against the boss, seniors or those in stronger positions. It can also be used as a tool to achieve the financial gain or political agenda.

There may also be a question on the genuineness of the person accusing another person of his/her misconduct. Events, at one point of time, taken as the mutual understanding and for mutual benefits are highlighted as sexual harassment and misbehavior after MeToo Movement got its limelight.

Some are reported after 10 or 15 years of the happening of events. So there can be no real proof and the accused person can’t easily prove himself innocent. Fake allegations can ruin an innocent person’s entire career.

It doesn’t mean that all accusations are fake. It is also possible that all of them are true. But even one fake allegation will kill the purpose of the movement. We just have to take enough time to observe and think if a person accusing others is telling the truth or just misguiding others and trying to harm innocents.

Let’s hope that the MeToo Movement brings a big positive change in the society and make women safer and respected more than before.

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