Marriage from a Man's Perspective

Marriage from a Man's Perspective

Marriage is like a long-awaited dream coming true! And for a man, it’s like a change from dark to light, white to pink and hard to soft. The man starts changing his outlook, starts polishing his appearance. Everything that he likes and uses become inline with the choices of his sweetheart.

Getting ready for the marriage

For me, the days before this transition were of extreme excitement. The transition from a careless and partying person as a single to a married and caring person with new responsibilities as a couple.

While marrying, you have to get ready for a whole new lifestyle and routine where you will be sharing everything including your bed with your life partner.

However, this change is rosy pink and you wouldn’t want to miss any chance of making it even more beautiful. So you start making a list and check frequently to see if anything is left.

It’s also the time when you act the dumbest in your life. I was like totally clueless on what to do, what to buy, and what to wear on the wedding day. But thanks to the experienced guys around.

They will get time for you from their busy schedule knowing that now it’s your turn to test Shadi ka Laddu (sweet ball of marriage). This Laddu can get stuck in your mouth and give you the feeling of choking. And these guys would be happy to see this to happen so that they can have you back in the group partying out of frustration!

Well, whatever you do after you are married, you can’t get those fun days of your bachelor life back.

Anyway, back to the point!

In the last few days before the marriage were the days of preparation. Especially what to wear on the wedding day and what to gift on the night.

Shopping for pre- and post-marriage time

Believe me! You will be overwhelmed by advice from everybody around you. But you know what? You can’t ignore one person’s advice. That is from your to-be life partner. And almost everything from your clothing to accessories will be according to her likes.

However, one thing you have to do yourself as it will be your gift as a surprise on your wedding night and your honeymoon. Yes, I am talking about choosing a set of sexy lingerie for your wedding night, and a hot honeymoon nighty. You have to reveal these things on your first night to surprise your bride.

Though it’s hard to decide on what to buy, you will have great support from your friends or relatives of your age. However, it would be really good if you know your partner’s preferences of color, fittings, style, and fragrance.

This matters! The feeling of being considered a special one and having everything according to her likes will bring extreme hotness and romance from your loved one.

My marriage day clothings were finalized by me and my better half. But choosing the wedding nightdresses and lingeries was on me. And thanks to the experienced nightwear seller. Ideas about beautiful dresses and sexy lingeries along with detailed information from him made my task easy. I was able to choose the right ones to gift my lady.

Life of a just-married couple

Finally, the process takes place and then was the time of celebration of the beginning of a new life. It was a complete change. No more time with friends, no more late night movie shows, and no parties with buddies. The days post-weddings are booked for the bride and you have no choice but to follow her wishes.

By the way, it’s not that you don’t love this change. In fact, it’s you who enjoys the most. Days are romantic and nights are sexy. For some man, it’s the time to use energy gathered and skills learned to make the most out of this romantic phase after the marriage.

It becomes difficult to go away from her and even harder to wait for the night. Same is true for the bride as well! It’s not funny! It’s the state every just-married couple experiences.

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