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Digital dominance is expanding its outreach with every passing day. You can’t ignore this fact if you are running an online business. To uplift your business and market it well, you need to optimize your digital presence by investing your money in the right place. For your knowledge, if you are planning a marketing budget for startups in 2019, then it is better for you to spend your money on online marketing.

To tell you the importance of digital media, here is a stat from Nelson’s 2018 CMO report. According to this report, Digital media is a place where Marketers are planning to spend their money to benefit their business. Furthermore, on an average, they are planning to increase their marketing budget by up to 49 percent. To do so they are cutting down their budget of traditional marketing. Keeping this in mind, on an average, each sector of traditional media from radio to direct email will see a reduction of 5%.

Still wondering? Why business prefer to spend a good amount of budget on digital media every year? Well. The answer is simple because in this practice they can easily measure their performance. For a proof consider this stat that 74% of the marketers are having confidence that they can easily measure the ROI for their business due to the efforts made on digital media platforms.

Talking about the traditional media platforms, the picture is murky. Still, 15% of the marketers say, they can prove that their ads running on TVs or print are giving results. They think that these ads are still playing a significant role because it is a good way to spread awareness about their brand, favorability, and their presence in the market.

But still, the question is where to invest the budget? In 2019 the best places to invest your marketing budget are social media, searches either paid or organic, and mobile ads or video. So, without any further delay following are details that tell us about their importance and give the answer to pick and invest the budget:

1-Searches (Organic or Paid)

The importance of the search engine ranking can be evaluated by the statistics that 73% marketers consider the searches very important and 69% find it to be very effective.

Reasons to Increase Search Budget with Statistics:

Following are the three key reasons you should invest your budget in for 2019:

1-According to the data given by Alpine Al data, there were approximately one billion voice searches every month. Moreover, ComScore predicted that by 2020, 50% of the total searches will be through voice. Garner also estimated that 75% of the households will be using the smart speaker. In 2019, you should invest in the content that is made for voice search. So, due to this number, you can also evaluate the importance of voice search SEO in the business.

2-As per the data collected by Moz and Jumpshot in 2018, investing in organic search gives you 20 times better results as compared to investing on paid search campaigns. Most of the businesses are investing their budget on paid searches. You need to put your dollar on the links that are mostly clicked by the people.

3- Do you know, in the year 2018, Amazon became the third largest digital platform due to the ad revenue of $4.61 billion only in the US, as stated by eMarketers. Due to the benefits of Amazon ads, 80% of the advertisers are planning to increase their marketing budget on ads in 2019. If we look deeper into the business, most of the businesses spend 10% of their advertising budget on Amazon.

According to a study conducted by MarketingLand study, in 2019, 20% of the businesses are planning to spend 50% more on advertising from their total budget of marketing. To do so, 30% of the businesses will be spending their money on ads as compared to other search platforms. In addition to this, if you are appearing on Google organic search ranking, then this will also benefit you and your business. Get in contact with an SEO marketing company to help you with organic rankings

 2-Mobile Ads and Video

Mobile usage is increasing day by day because now people are using their smartphones to surf the internet. So, keeping the importance and use of mobile, 56% of the marketers believe that mobile video is extremely important and 60% find it out to be an effective mean of marketing.

Reason to Increase Mobile Forecast 2019:  If we look at the time spent by people on mobile, then we can understand the benefits of mobile marketing as people are spending 29% of their time on mobile devices. As far as the businesses are concerned, they are spending 56% of their marketing budget on mobile ads.

 Previously, companies were spending their budget on television ads according to 2018 eMarketer data. By 2020, about 43% of all the media ad budget will spend excessively on mobile in the US. So, stay ahead of the curve and invest more in mobile ads/videos.

 3-Social Media

Social media marketing can act as a powerhouse to power up your marketing campaign and in return give us ROI. If we couple this statement with some figures then according to Nelson’s CMO Report 2018, 79% of marketers believe that social media is a very important platform. On the other hand, 69% of the marketers find social media a very effective platform in term of marketing.

Reason to Increase Social Media marketing Budget in 2019:

Now wondering which platform to choose? After a change in the News Feed algorithm in January 2018, Facebook is a good platform to invest your money.

In addition to this, Instagram also starts testing the Promoted ad feature that is working on the same principle as Facebook Boosts is. If we look into a bigger picture, then organic reach in the coming time will be very difficult. The only way to stand out is to invest your money.

These were some of the best places to invest your money for the benefit of your business. If you are looking to adopt effective marketing strategies, then you always have an option to consult with industry professionals to help you increase your sales and ROI.

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