Making Print Ads Appealing to Younger Audiences

Making Print Ads Appealing to Younger Audiences

You might think that print ads are not relevant anymore. In the age of social media, it does not make sense to still focus on the use of printed ads like pop up exhibition stands. You are wrong in that belief. Several companies still use printed materials for advertising, including major brands. If you fail to diversify your marketing strategies and focus only on online campaigns, you are missing a large segment of society.

You also have this false notion that young people do not respond well to print ads. The truth is that you are not creating advertisements that are enticing enough for them. Some of them did not grow up with exposure to printed adverts. You are introducing a novel concept to them, and it could be exciting.

Use bold colours

Young people love flashy and bright colours. They signify the strength of character and bravery. They are also bold and unafraid of anything. Therefore, using these captivating colours will quickly catch their attention.

Reduce words

In a world that is quickly moving, no one has the time to read long printed material. You need to get straight to the point. If you are using banners, you need to include the name of your company, the product name, contact information, and a tag line. The rest should be images that could grab attention. Besides, young people have a short attention span, and if you cannot capture it in a short time, they will move on to something else.

Use humour and shock value

Find ways to make your ads enticing through the use of humour or shock value. When people first see your ads, you need to put a smile on their faces. You can also make them read twice because they could hardly believe what they read the first time. As long as you do not fall into false advertising, there is nothing wrong with exaggerated ads.

Choose the right location for print ads

Use the perfect place where you can hang banners or distribute flyers. Find the best hangout places where young people bond with each other and spend time. Avoid distributing flyers when they are too busy with other tasks since they will most likely ignore you. Do not hang a poster in an area that most young people avoid.

Always exude joy

Your print ads need to have a happy vibe. Depression is quite common among young people these days, and you do not want to pile on to that by releasing a dark ad. Look for a light theme and create an ad revolving that theme.

Be aware of changes

Again, the attention span of young people is short, and before you know it, they already want something else. You need to know these changes so that you can create ads that they will respond to. You also need to hire a young person for your team to get a proper perspective of what young people want.

It is a challenge talking to people who are not your age, but if they are your target market, you need to get their attention. It could surprise you that print ads that seem obsolete could still be a valuable marketing campaign tool.


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