Make Him Commit without Pressure with These Tips

Make Him Commit with these Tips

So, you have met a cool guy, and you both talked on your first date until nightfall. You feel that there’s chemistry and you decided to see him again the next day. The first coffee date led to the second one, and before you know it, you both already met ten times.

But there’s a problem. The guy that you want might not want to commit to you, and he might still be considering other girls. Learn more about this here: This can be a problem because you have already developed feelings for him and you see yourself as his girlfriend or even wife in the next years of your life.

There are certainly a lot of guys that are allergic to the word commitment. After all, there are over three billion females in the world, and it can be scary to marry only one.

If you finally brought up the subject of becoming exclusive and your guy changes the subject, don’t worry, you are not alone. Some guys feel that they are going to prison, and they are ripping away their independence when it comes to relationships. Fortunately, there are a lot of things that you can do to show him that he’s making an excellent decision by choosing you. Here are tips that will make your guy change his mind and will make him commit without pressure.

Tips and Tricks for Commitment Phobic Men

Tips for love relationship

1. Keep Everything Fun and Light

Keeping everything light and fun is very important, especially if both of you are in getting to know each other phase. You won’t have to be laughing and smiling all the time, but you should not make the impression that you are always depressed and sad.

When you two are hanging out and dating, you can keep everything fun. Read more about dates when you click here. Laugh at his jokes, talk about the things that inspire both of you, choose a movie that you both love, and do everything in a lighthearted way. If he starts to think that committing with you will be a fun journey, then he might ask you to become his girlfriend in the coming days!

2. Make Him Invest in You

The saying that goes that what you invest in, you tend to value also applies to guys. Most people will appreciate and take care of the things that they have already invested in big time. They will likely fall in love with you if you show them that you are worth it. If they have to work hard to get you, they will be able to see that you are something valuable and worth the fight. So follow this way smartly to make him commit without pressure for a life-long relationship.

This doesn’t mean that you need to request expensive jewelry, a mansion, and a sports car to your man. This means that you have to make them invest their time, effort, and other small favors that he can do for you. These things can be asking him to pick you up or fixing the lights on your porch. As long as the help that you need makes him more manly in your eyes, he will feel more connected with you in no time.

3. Be Mysterious

During your first date, if you talked about everything about yourself and lay everything on a silver platter, he might not feel the need to ask you to be his exclusive girlfriend. This is because when it comes to a relationship, many men prefer to be one with a girl that intrigues them. Being mysterious simply means that you should not tell your date everything about you at your first meeting. You need to share bits and pieces and hold back some information to keep him hanging and wanting more.

It would help if you stopped over-analyzing and explaining everything in detail. Don’t text them at all hours of the day to let him know that you are having coffee in Starbucks. Men are born hunters, and they will likely pursue you if you make him chase you. If they can catch you easily, they may look for someone else who can provide them with the thrill of the chase that they are looking for. Make him love you by taking instead of giving. While you are trying to make him commit without pressure, being mysterious will play a big role in ensuring what you want.

Other Things to Remember

Things to remember while in a relationship

  • Don’t pressure your man to commit. You can bring the subject once and STOP afterward. No one likes to be pressured to something that they are not ready for or something that they don’t even want in the first place. Pressure will not add anything to the relationship.

  • Let your man have the space that he craves. This means that you live your own life and let him see his friends once in a while. It would help if you did not spend every minute of the day together. Giving freedom means that you won’t need him to be there for you every minute of the day so that you can be happy. Learn to find happiness in yourself.

  • Last but not least, don’t threaten him. Please don’t give him ultimatums and never try to manipulate him. Men will commit only if they see something that special in you, and they will do it in their own time. Don’t push him farther with unnecessary lies and pressure.

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