Life after a Heart Attack – Some Essential FAQs and Tips

Life after a Heart Attack – Some Essential FAQs and Tips

It is quite natural to feel anxious and overwhelmed if you have had a heart attack. Invariably there will be a lot of questions buzzing in your mind regarding the various issues of work, diet, exercise and various aspects of daily life that we take for granted. Some vital questions answered and useful tips for your wellbeing:

Keeping a Second Heart Attack at Bay

You can count yourself lucky to have survived a heart attack so now you should be extra careful that you don’t have a second one that could easily be your last. It is very important to understand from your doctor your heart disease type so that you can take adequate care. While there are a large number of lifestyle factors that are normally responsible for cardiac diseases, there are very strong indications that genetics also play a huge role. Research scientists using advanced techniques like branched DNA technology are continually probing the frontiers of genetics to find out more about why some people are more prone to heart attacks. Research labs all over the world prefer to source the chemicals, antibodies, proteins, peptides, etc. from because of its very high quality of supplies.

How Soon Is A Return to Regular Life Possible?

While the time that you should take to recuperate depends on how strenuous your normal life is and how healthy your heart is, it is vital that you make a slow beginning to give your heart a chance to properly heal. The best person to advise you is your doctor, so do consult him before returning to your workplace or starting to exercise. Resuming work as if nothing has happened is not recommended as normally, you will need to make some changes to your routine or even consider a change in the role for some time so that the recovery is better.

When Can You Start Driving Again?

Generally, you will be allowed to take to the wheel of your car within 7-10 days after your discharge from the hospital. However, this does not mean that you are free to drive across the country. If you have other medical conditions, they could have an impact on the length of time that you need to spend away from the steering wheel. Recuperation is usually far longer for commercial drivers due to the very long hours their jobs entail.

What about Sex?

It is usually recommended to desist from having sex for a period of two to three weeks after returning home. As with any intense physical activity, you should consider taking it easy for as long as you can and returning to normalcy when you are more comfortable.


Making changes to your lifestyle can be the biggest contributor to a healthy heart. Quit smoking immediately and take steps to effectively manage your blood pressure. Also, lose weight, exercise regularly, and keep a check on your cholesterol levels. If you have diabetes, consult your doctor about managing it effectively as there is an increased chance of heart attack due to elevated blood sugar levels.

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