Latest Rustic + Industrial Wedding Theme Ideas

When we are looking to organize a wedding, we often look for latest trends to create uniqueness in the event. Latest trends allow us to flaunt exclusive ideas which look great. When we are talking about latest trends then industrial wedding themes are the popular ones in this order. This way you can give modern twist to rustic or vintage inspired decor.

Industrial style is the latest trend to hit the wedding scene. This round up is for you. You can craft rough & artistic style of wedding cards. Incorporate rough brick walls, industrial lights, copper, metal and these all are combined with greenery, flowers, and some extra rustic & vintage wedding decor details that leaves a lasting impression.

Let’s have a look on industrial trends listed below and include one of them in your wedding.

Rustic + industrial
Combine industrial wedding scene with rustic theme and represent the wedding in exclusive way. Utilize the rough brick wall for ring ceremony. Decorate the centerpieces with rustic colored flowers of bold appearance which can suit the wedding venue. You can use centerpieces with metallic shine, for example: copper or gold. Embrace these wedding centerpieces with beautiful flowers to make it more attractive. You can even use dinner accessories of metallic shine, and décor it on the wooden tables. It will grace up the beauty of rustic theme.

Rustic + illuminated + industrial
You can use Edison lights & electrical bulbs to décor the venue. Use electrical bulbs in place of table runners and illuminate the beauty of venue. You can even décor the wooden crates with floral vines and use electrical bulbs and hang it on the ceiling. Combination of these twinkling lights looks amazing and spread a beautiful aura in the venue. You can even décor the cocktail bars and wedding aisle with metallic shine and beautiful spark of Edison lights. These accessories look great in the rustic theme wedding. You can also use candles and combination of romantic flowers for the wedding.
Except these ideas you can combine the industrial theme with barnyard, bohemian, geode & bohemian, moody industrial, railroad museum, black & white industrial idea, with industrial touch. You can pick any of the themes for your wedding décor, and use industrial décor as a base. These metallic & shiny things will look great and eye pleasing.

Bohemian + Industrial
This is one of the favorite new theme nowadays to décor wedding venue. Use of raw, industrial spaces kitted out with rich and eclectic furnishings makes it more special. Use of lots and lots of plants give you wedding venue a beautiful natural feel.

Barn + Industrial
This theme for your wedding creates a very cozy and often relaxed mood for your wedding. this theme has its own unique vintage charm and make your wedding day an unforgettable experience. You can use Chandeliers, Chinese lanterns or candle chandeliers and make your wedding venue even more beautiful. Combination of Industrial or vintage lamps will also look very good and suits your wedding theme. So, start from hanging the strings making various patterns that you like.

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