Lapis Lazuli- A Beautiful and Stunning Gemstone with Golden Flecks

Lapis Lazuli- A Beautiful and Stunning Gemstone with Golden Flecks

A beautiful and stunning gemstone of deep blue color with a dab of gold, Lapis lazuli has a bright shimmer like that of a star. This has been the first gem to be worked on and worn as a piece of jewelry. It has been in place for 6000 years and has been readily used in jewelry pieces and objects of ornamentation. The name of this gem comes from Lapis which means stone in Latin and Azul which refers to the blue color in the Arabian region. This gemstone jewelry has gained a lot of popularity for painters and artists due to the ultramarine color that it has.

Associated history

This stone has been used since times immemorial by the Egyptians. They used it to decorate their pharaohs and also to entomb them. Tutankhamen mask is enriched with Lapis lazuli. Being a royalty stone and the one signifying spirituality, it has been unmatched to date. The beautiful blue Gemstone of all gemstones has also been used in beads, scarabs, and pendants by Egyptians way back in 3100 BC. It was used in powdered form for medicinal purposes as well as a constituent for eye shadow.

Romans and Greeks called this stone by ‘Sapphires’ name since ancient times. They kept calling it so till it got its modern name. For them, its modern name came from the Persian word ‘Lazhuward’ which means blue, and the Arabic word ‘Laz award’ meaning heavenly sky.

Healing gemstone (lapis lazuli)

A motivator of affinity, this stone helps to protect and backup against any kind of iniquity or unkindness. It has the following properties:

  1. Known as a gemstone of honesty, internal power, intellect, precision, and exceptionally rational mind.
  2. Helps to empower a person with the feeling of gratitude and harmony.
  3. Makes a person hopeful of a better future.
  4. It helps to tap the internal energy from the core and cleans up the mind of all the negativity.
  5. It also helps to get in touch with the spirit protectors
  6. Is known to be a savior in all respects and mends any health conditions that a person faces.
  7. Of all gemstones online, this one, in particular, helps protect the body and mind from any kind of harm or injury.
  8. It is your one-stop solution to cure yourself of any kind of misery or illness.
  9. Known to be a symbol of victory especially for the people born in December.
  10. It also helps to heal the immune system.

Care and Treatment

Being a soft stone with a hardness of just 5-5.5 Mohs; this stone needs proper handling and care. Wipe it with a damp cloth and not a wet one. This should be done regularly to prevent its glass-based protective coating and also to prevent damage of any sort to it. Chemicals-based cleaning agents have proven to harm this stone, so, they should not be used.

This stone should be kept away from direct sunlight to keep its shine and color intact.

Lapis Lazuli gemstone jewelry: Tips and Techniques

  1. It is believed that your daily life and work can be organized well once you keep this stunning gemstone on your work desk. It also soothes the restless mind.
  2. Shyness can also be overcome by just wearing any jewel made out of this stone.
  3. A patient can recover much sooner from surgery if this stone is kept near him or her.
  4. You can enter a state of deep meditation and have proper clarity of thoughts by just holding a piece of this stunning gemstone in your hand.
  5. You can enter the world of prophetic dreams by just keeping it near where you sleep.
  6. Clear answers from a clear mind that are free from worry are also one of the positive effects of this stone

The associated folklore with this stunning gemstone

A folktale associated with it says that if you long for Lapis, the individual you love will be consistently in touch with you. He or she will never wander and make you extremely upset. A stone suspended on the temple over the third eye, is said to help create and fortify your mental capacities. But, this stone has to be used with extreme caution and care as it is very delicate.

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful stone for the individuals who look for the otherworldly turn of events, just as those seeking motivation in their lives. It is additionally a defensive stone that contacts spirits. Lapis Lazuli is viewed as the stone of kinship and truth. It is said to empower agreement and assist you with being true to yourself and others alike.

Buy gemstone Lapis Lazuli to animate the mind towards perfection of oneself in all respects. It also upgrades innovative self-articulation. Lapis is likewise useful for the respiratory and immune system, beneficial to cure sinus issues, cancer, and heart issues as well. It is accepted to enhance mental clarity, virility, and also helps to quiet the mind. It is claimed to help in concentrating the energy in the right direction, be it for students, researchers, or teachers. If you are wondering how to source this fantastic and stunning gemstone, then look upon trusted international websites such as and other similar ones. They offer an unbelievable range of authentic gemstones and also offer authenticity certificates of the same with you.

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