Kitchen Alert: Big Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Kitchen

Kitchen Alert: Big Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Kitchen

If you ever renovated your home earlier, you will surely agree that it's both times consuming and expensive. So, you must plan it well and be it your kitchen or any other room; make sure that you do not repeat the same mistakes that many other homeowners do. Especially, pay attention to every important detail while designing your kitchen.

Smart people learn from others' mistakes – let's be one of them! Let's check out the major kitchen installation mistakes that you should avoid, either during designing your new kitchen or renovating your old one.

Massive Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Kitchen

1. Overlooking the Proper Garbage Setup

A lot of garbage in the house comes from the kitchen. Starting from food waste, bags, and wrappers to bottles, cans, and plastic containers, a lot of things need to be thrown out regularly to keep the kitchen clean and hygienic.

Though a proper disposal system seems to be an obvious need of a kitchen, many a time, homeowners miss it out when designing the kitchen. And eventually, in the absence of adequate allocated space for the different types of waste, they tend to make any corner of the kitchen as the garbage bin, which at times not just looks out of the place, but can also be unhygienic. 

2. Lack of Adequate Lights

We don't mean - flood your kitchen with lights, but remember that if planned carefully, lightings can play a vital role in the aesthetics of your kitchen.  You would require three types of lighting - task lighting for chopping veggies and cooking, accent lighting to lit up the entire kitchen, and overall illumination is for everyone in the kitchen. Missing out on any of these can make your kitchen look incomplete. 

While designing your kitchen lighting setup, think of ways how you can use natural light! 

You can use a mix and blend of fluorescent or LED ceiling lights, hanging lights, track lighting, and strip lighting, to fulfill multiple purposes.

3. Not Well Ventilated

Just like garbage, the kitchen is the producer of different types of smells. Though they may smell good, if it keeps lingering in the entire house throughout the day, it may deface the kill the charm. Therefore, the need for proper ventilation is supreme. 

A superior air intake on a range hood not only throws out the unwanted air, but also removes odors, and gets rid of excess heat and smoke from the kitchen.

4. Lack of Sufficient Storage Space

Ignoring the importance of storage space while designing your kitchen is a big crime! You cannot keep everything on the countertops or hunt around for the necessary items in the middle of cooking. 

Some homeowners prefer purchasing expensive appliances or invest a part of their budget on the design and décor than on storage. But will a kitchen look as classy as it should when things lie around unorganized or will a person feel comfortable in your kitchen if he has to run from one end to the other to get the necessities amidst cooking?

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