Is Covid-19 Pandemic a Conspiracy or Reality? Read This and Ask Yourself

Is Covid-19 Pandemic a Conspiracy or Reality? Read This and Ask Yourself

Coronavirus has severely wounded the economies of many countries and continues. There seem no signs of victory against the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead, the post-lockdown effects are coming out with horrible faces.

On the other hand, there is a large population across the globe who is starting to believe that the Coronavirus Pandemic is a conspiracy.

In this context, it becomes imperative to think over some facts and logical points that one can't ignore. After reading this, it's up to you if you consider Corona pandemic real or a conspiracy.

1. Increasing cases and deaths are real

Dr. Michael Saag, treating Covid-19 patients in Birmingham of Alabama, who has also had an infection and successfully defeated the virus says that the world is different when he walks out of the clinic.

He said that people are walking fearlessly without wearing masks.

And the reality is that the cases are increasing, deaths are increasing with deaths of more than 175,000 in the USA. The same trend is going on in other large countries like Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa, and others.

With more than 22.5 millions infected people, 790,195 are deaths, and 6.84 million active cases as of August 20, 2020, Coronavirus has been one of the worst and the scariest pandemics the world has seen so far.
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These are not merely numbers. They are showing the horrible face of the Coronavirus.

No government would want a disaster of this scale killing thousands of citizens. Also, look at the harm this virus has been doing to the economies. If this is a game for money by instilling fear among the populations, think about the huge economic loss already occurred that can't be covered with a few corporates or governments.

Dr. Saag has taken the fight against Corona as a personal fight now. Both he and his son were diagnosed with Covid-19 positive after having a trip to Manhattan, in March. It was just the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in the USA. The symptoms he described were cough followed by headache, body aches, and fever. He further said he was unable to think and concentrate on things properly and had fuzzy thoughts.

2. Masks and social distancing have a significant role in stopping the virus spread

There are a large number of people in most of the countries who believe that wearing masks is not helpful. They are roaming without wearing a mask and not even keeping the necessary distance. They are not just pausing threat to themselves, but also creating risks for others coming in contact with them. They may be carrying the virus and may get others infected.

Some are not even able to understand the effects during and after the infection. The isolation and huge toll on the immune system have a deep impact on the body and mind that is not easy to understand. Only those who have fought the virus knows how dangerous it is. So, it's is the need of the hour that people take instructions and advice of government and doctors seriously and start following them. It's the only way to get rid of the Covid-19 pandemic soon.

“The mornings I’d feel fine, thought I was done with it. And then every night it would come right back as if it was just starting all over again,” he said. “The hardest part of the night was that feeling of shortness of breath and not knowing if it’s going to get worse.” Said Dr. Saag.

Though he is fully recovered, the life-threatening time he faced can’t be erased from the mind according to him. He even wasn’t sure if he would survive during the peak of the infection and resulting suffocation.

3. Millions of people are involved in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Can't be a conspiracy

“People continue to regard the virus as a political scheme or conspiracy theory. People continue to ignore recommended guidelines on how to help slow the virus’ spread. People continue to complain about wearing a mask. We’ve got to do better as a community,” Dowell, the Mississippi doctor, wrote in a Facebook message released by South Sunflower County hospital.

Hundreds of millions of doctors and nurses are working relentlessly in hospitals all over the world since the start of the year 2020. They know the reality and horror of the Covid-19.

According to Dr. Saag, doctors and nurses are heavily struggling and rushing from one bed to another to treat emergencies. People are crying and dying from the pain caused by the Coronavirus, and nothing is more painful emotionally then informing their relatives over the cellphone.

Do you still believe that these doctors, nurses and other staff fighting a battle against the Covid-19 pandemic of which no end is visible are a part of the conspiracy? If it's so, why nobody from these front line of warriors has come out with an opposing voice? They also have families, relatives, and dear friends and wouldn't want them to be a victim of any conspiracy.

Or do you believe that they are unknowingly working under a secret plot created by some politicians and corporates? No such conspiracy can work when a huge population of intellectual and determined humans with ethics and honesty is involved. Anybody with a reasoning mind can understand this. This pandemic is a bitter reality and not a conspiracy.

“When I talk to a patient and I say, ‘Hey, I’ve had it too,’ it’s like we’re connected in a way that I really, honestly haven’t felt with patients ever before — and I’ve been doing this 40 years,” Saag said.

He further said that people are disregarding the safety measures, and this is disheartening as the virus is pausing a greater-than-ever threat to the state now.

“I’m just thinking, `Oh, my goodness. We’re going to be in trouble very soon,’” Saag said.

Now it’s up to you whether to see the Covid-19 pandemic as a conspiracy or the big lie or a reality. But you must take every step to protect yourself and your loved ones from the virus. Use masks, keep social distance, and use hand sanitizers.

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