IOS – A Review of an Operating System by Apple

Operating System

With the development of computers and technology, especially the laptops, mobile phones and iPads, the need and importance of easy-to-use yet effective and efficient operating systems is increased. There are many operating systems available on the market, i.e. Windows, Linux, Android, iOS etc. We will discuss a very popular operating system iOS in this article.

iOS or formerly known as iPhone OS is an operating system developed by Apple Inc for its mobile phone and it's the world's second most used mobile operating system after Android. This OS is used for many of the company's mobile devices, i.e. iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.

The first version of iOS was launched in 2007, it was iPhone OS 1. Since then, the iOS has become a very popular OS and, with its current version iOS 11, it’s covering more than 20% market share in the mobile market. If we see at overall OS market share, iOS is holding a 13.06% market share as per the latest stats by Statcounter, an online stats tool.

With its multi-touch interface, gesture interactions like pinch, reverse pinch, tap, swipe and interface controls like sliders, switches, and buttons, iOS is an easy-to-use operating system. However, the ease of use does not interfere with the security. If we compare with Android, iOS is a more secure platform.

Let’s discuss some of the features of iOS. There are many useful and important features, but I will discuss here only those which are the most important without which the use of iOS can’t be that easy.

1. Home Screen and System Fonts

The home screen is rendered by SpringBoard which is a standard application for iOS home screen management. The home screen is displayed when the device is unlocked or when a user presses the Home button while there are other apps open on the screen. The fonts used for the latest iOS is San Francisco, which is an Apple-designed font specifically intended to maximize the legibility and consistency across its product line.

2. Accessibility of the Operating System

iOS provides various features if we talk about the accessibility. However, the VoiceOver is the feature very popular among the users as it allows a lot of easiness in terms of navigation.

3. Smooth and Speedy Process

Windows OS contains some services like WSAPPX which sometimes consumes a lot of CPU and Disk space, but it's not so with iOS and it doesn't slow down. So you don't have to face the frustrating slow processes and distractions.

4. Multitasking

This feature, released in 2010 along with iOS 4, enables the use of multiple applications and they can perform in the background.

5. Siri

Siri is an Intelligent Personal Assistant and is integrated into iOS. It uses the voice queries and natural language to answer the questions and perform various tasks. Siri adapts to the user’s preferences, searches, and language usage and makes it easy to do many tasks easily.

In short, iOS is an easy-to-use, very secure, smart and user-friendly operating system. I hope this review will be useful and will help you understand the iOS more.

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