Internet Encryption Now Made Easy- Discover the Hidden Secret

Internet Encryption Now Made Easy- Discover the Hidden Secret

VPN is the full form of virtual private network. It is a method applied for adding to the security and privacy into the private and public networks, the Wi-Fi hotspots and the internet. Usually, it is used by various companies for protecting any form of sensitive data.

VPN and its Different Types

VPNs are of three types that offer users with utmost security and privacy and falls into 2 categories – Network-to-Network and Computer-to-Network.

  • Network-to-Network-

Site-to-site or network-to-network VPNs help in connecting two different local networks online forming a sole virtually unified network utilizing VPN servers on every network instead of individual machines or software. That can be further sub-categorized into extranet and intranet VPNs.

(a)   Intranets-

It will enable employees/users within the same company for logging into conjoined secured networks from the multiple office locations. It is password protected for authenticating every user, so such intranets are restricted from accepting connections from specified networks. Therefore, it is perfect for a business that is spread across various geographical sites to help employees to perform on the same folders, systems, and files seamlessly devoid of having to replicate them on every network or transferring the same across the internet less securely.

(b)   Extranets-

Just as intranets, extranets too work similarly, but it is used for offering users with the standard network space both across organizations and across locations. Networks which are linked together will be under control both of such distinct organizations as well as the respective network administrations. Here a typical example will be a secure network that is accessed both by the supplier as well as their client. The virtual network's scope will be restricted so that companies do not possess access to the intranets and entire networks of each other.

  • Computer-to-Network-

Remote access or computer-to-network VPNs will help in connecting users on the individual devices on a remote network through the internet. The user needs to install the software on the machine that will be creating the secure connection either on the VPN server or to a gateway on a local network. It will be ideal for an employee on the move or working from home who require to "remote in" as well as access systems, files, and work networks.

How does a VPN work?

Almost 90% of the populace browse the internet today because at the back of their mind they are aware that there is no risk of any insecurity as VPN will take care of everything. In the current era, it is indeed rare to not find someone not spending time online. But unfortunately, on the online platform, there exists no privacy. With minimal effort, hackers can steal your identity. Of late, identity theft has gone up at an alarming rate. Every 5 seconds people suffer from identity theft. The truth is any device may be hacked, be it a laptop, tablet or a smartphone. As soon as you are online, your information can be stolen from any corner of the world if your data does not have protection.

Here, VPN can act as a savior. It is a program which will offer you complete privacy when you are online. The VPN will take the usual internet, any public domain having different inherent security issues and turn the same into your personal, own, private web. This network will utilize software known as a tunneling protocol in burrowing through the public internet that is unsecured which will hide the sensitive data within an encrypted tunnel of 1024-bit together with a dynamic internet protocol (IP) address.

It may turn highly technical, but all the online activity will get hidden from the prying eyes which also includes Internet Service Provider (ISP), neighbors, hackers and any person who desires to see, steal or manipulate your vital data. As a firewall, VPN will help in protecting you as well as your data while you are online. As a private network, this will offer the same functionality, anonymity, and security in your office. The VPN behind the scene will serve as a relay amid the internet and the device so that none can view your activities online. Therefore, it is vital for any business looking to offer clients with a secure network to consider the VPN network crucial assets within its infrastructure. For best results, you can do a side by side VPN comparisons.

Personal VPN Service and its Different Benefits

Any personal VPN service will help in creating a massive roadblock for hackers that try in accessing your PC. Such roadblock is generally a strong encryption wall which will safeguard every network traffic that enters or leave your PC. It will thwart the ability of the hacker to perform network eavesdropping as well as attacks of man-in-the-middle category. When you use an effective personal VPN service, you can enjoy a series of perks namely,

  • Anonymous Browsing-

This is an incredibly cool feature that personal VPN services offer. The moment you possess a VPN, you will be using intermediate VPN servers for connecting to the World Wide Web. When you use a VPN, the site which you browse will not be able to view your IP address but what they can see is your proxy server's IP address is connected with. The majority of the VPN services will enable you in switching this address many times every month. It will not provide you with a free pass for visiting illegal websites or committing crimes as the digital forensic people may track you down as well as prospective subpoena VPN and ISP service providers may see your actions.

  • Prevent Eavesdropping-

You may come across a creepy person with a laptop at a café who may use software for eavesdropping on any person in the café that is using the Wi-Fi connection there. As the majority of the hotspots do not utilize wireless encryption, it will become easier on his part in jacking your connection and keeping track of what you are doing. Some VPN services will enable you in encrypting your traffic while you travel with your handset to keep all your information private and encrypted despite using a Wi-Fi hotspot in an open public place.

  • Access the Network of the Home Country-

If you travel abroad often the browsing sites located within your home country will be challenging as some countries will filter the internet traffic resting on the IP address's geographical location that you are using. At times you will find some blocked websites. Video and music websites may be blocked owing to license agreements that are country-specific. The VPN utilization of an IP address from a home country will enable you in accessing contents in a way that you are in your country for real.

Business VPN Service and its Different Benefits

Along with personal benefits, businesses too can enjoy a lot of benefits from a VPN Service. Take a look at some of these benefits,

  • Cut Down the Risk of Cyberattacks and Security Breaches-

To fall prey in the hands of a hacker may appear as something which often others face. But it is a significant breach that can create headlines. By using VPN services, you will take an important step to reduce the likelihood of your organization from getting targeted.

  • Encourage Productivity-

You may have employees who know about online vulnerabilities so may be wary in browsing on public networks. But what if they need to travel frequently? By using VPN services, you are sure that it will not hamper productivity.

  • Clients will Feel Secure-

When you gather data from patients, customers or clients you will be capable of soothing their tension through a VPN service.

  • Stay in Your Country while Travelling Abroad-

Should you or your workers travel now and then, replacing the real IP address with that of the VPN will be a necessity. Some countries can bar all that you can access when you are abroad. Hence, for staying attached to the office as well as competing for work, a VPN is a must. Besides, some customers and clients are wary when it comes to relying on an email that they send while being overseas. Through a VPN you will be capable of enjoying peace of mind that your company posts, emails and more will show that you are genuinely home base.

  • Surprisingly Affordable-

VPN services are an upgrade which is worth the expenditure. The price may vary, but it will be pocket-friendly for all businesses. VPN services are surprisingly affordable, genuinely worthwhile and instantly effective. You cannot avail such form of security and privacy for less.

The bottom line is, implementing a VPN service be it for a personal or business use will act as a practical, easy and fast security solution. Most importantly ensure that all are aware of the benefits of VPN as well as the ways of accessing the network. In short, online security or internet encryption cannot get this easier.

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