Insights into Recycling Electronic Wastes and the Right Way to Do It

Insights into Recycling Electronic Wastes and the Right Way to Do It

Nowadays electronic goods are easily available at very low costs. Hence, there is a very high demand and an equally high supply of the same. This has seen a growth spurt in the electronic industry which has resulted in a lot of e-waste or EOL (End of Life) of electronic products. According to the World Economic Forum, E-waste is the most fast-growing waste in the world. With close to 48.5 million tons of e-waste being churned out each year, the need for proper methods of recycling electronic wastes becomes critical.

Why People Don’t Prefer to Recycle Electronics

Consumers want to safely dispose of e-waste like phones and computers without the risk of identity and data theft. However, due to the lack of safe recycling options, more than 75% of the consumers end up storing old devices. Apart from risks to identity and data, recycling electronic products can also lead to health hazards as it releases toxic material into the environment. Hence many are skeptical when it comes to EOL electronics recycling.

What Happens with E-Wastes

20% of the e-wastes are recycled and the remaining 80% is dumped in the landfills. Some ignorant people burn instead of recycling electronic wastes which can be very dangerous. Hence it becomes necessary to know what to do with it. Some countries ship off their EOL electronics to be disposed of in other countries to avert the pollution it causes.

The Proper Way to Do It

The recycling procedure depends on the type of electronic waste, location, and state legislation. However, if you want to do it without harming the environment nor risking your security, here are a few tips to help.


The best way for refurbishing or recycling electronic wastes and devices is by donating it to others after deleting all the personal information and data.

Electronic Recycling Centers

There are special recycling centers too that can help. If you are looking for a safer and convenient option, an electronic recycling center might be the right choice. There are collection points where you can drop your e-waste. Just check whether they are on the approved collectors’ list to be sure.

Checkout Electronic Device Recycling Events

Electronic device recycling events are conducted in some places. You may be able to find drop boxes where recycling electronic wastes are possible. At times there can be refurbishing stalls too where your old electronic product can be brought back to life!

Checkout Your Retailer

Sometimes the retailers take back the electronic devices to recycle them. There are also exchange promos on offer with some retailers. If you are lucky, you might end up getting a good bargain for your old electronics and buy something new instead.


If you are environment-sensitive and care about disposing of e-waste the right way, you can try any of the above. Some countries have mandated electronics recycling as it helps protect the environment from further damage. Some policies have been incorporated with the manufacturer being responsible for the recycling effort. However, for a practical solution, every citizen must find a safe and suitable way that can aid the process.

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