Indoor Cats: How to Keep Them Happy and Healthy

Indoor Cats: How to Keep Them Happy and Healthy

These days, every person craves the company of a companion. Some people hang out with friends and family, while others want someone by their side 24/7. And this where the idea of adopting a pet hits the mind. Do you want a trustworthy friend or a cheerful company? Although people love both dogs and cats, most people want to have a feline friend. Indoor cats are cute, cuddly, and shower their owners with a lot of love and affection.

However, cats are natural hunters and pretty curious about their surroundings. At times, they prey on wild birds, rats, and chickens due to their instinct. Therefore, if you are deciding to get a cat or already have one, keep them indoors. Indeed, the lack of exercise and indoor activities can get boring for the cat, but you can always entertain them.

Observe how cats act in the outside world and try creating a similar environment indoors. Since cats love to climb, jump, and run, add a scratching post, bring some catnip, put some plants in the lounge, and get toys. If you are struggling with parenting, let us help you out. Here are six tips to keep your indoor cats happy and healthy.

1. Get Eco-Friendly Litter 

Before anything else, look for a cat litter. It provides the cat with a clean and safe place where they can cover their feces. But this doesn’t mean you can get any other litter box in the market. Cats are particular about litter; the way humans are about bathrooms. If the cat box is off-putting or the texture is rough, they will find a clean spot for excretion. Some litter boxes contain injurious ingredients like sodium bentonite, causing skin irritation and allergies.

Likewise, other litters propel dust, which can trigger asthma attacks. Therefore, get your hands on low dust cat litter to avoid any health concerns. In addition to minimizing irritation and allergens, it forms clumps, making cleaning easier.

2. Provide A Cozy Sleeping Area

Do you like cuddling with your cat? Every person shares a special bond with their pets, and out of love, you might be willing to share everything. Cats need their personal space to sleep that is quiet, safe, cozy, and comfortable. They enjoy curling up in the blanket and prefer sleeping in high places to watch all the surroundings. If you want to keep your cat joyful, accommodate their sleeping needs. Get a sleeping bed and create different napping spots around your house.

3. Offer Nutritious Diet

Although cats are entirely independent and hunt their food, this is not an option for indoor cats. It is your responsibility to provide your nutritious cat meals at least three times a day. Instead of making guesses, consult a vet to understand how much your pet should eat every day. If you have a kitten, stick to natural canned food as it helps with the development process. Otherwise, if you have an adult cat, offer both – canned and dry foods.

You might think that your feline friend will get hungry, but it is best not to leave a bowl of food sitting all day. As indoor cats don’t exercise enough, keep counting their calories to avoid any health concerns – obesity, diabetes, etc.

4. Take Your Cat for a Walk

Having an indoor cat doesn’t mean you cut them from the outside world. Feel free to take your cat for a walk under your vigilance with a suitable harness. However, you will have to train your cat for this – make your cat wear a harness and offer treats when it walks with you. Once your cat is comfortable, take it along for the morning walk. Remember, you do have the leash attached but never pull it abruptly.

5. Entertain Cats with Interactive Toys

Most indoor cats become sedentary since they don’t have any activity. Surprisingly, you can keep them busy and active with some interactive toys. Here are a few ideas.

  • Cats love jumping and playing with strings. You can take some yarn, ball it up, tie it to the rope, and see how your cat obsesses over it.
  • Play circuits are becoming widely popular in cat-loving culture, and it has enclosed tops with multiple balls inside the track. It rolls from one corner to another when the cat bats the ball.
  • Get some laser points as cats love chasing the laser around. You can point it in different directions inside the house, encouraging physical activity for the cat.
  • You can also get pet tunnels to boost cognitive functioning, as cats will have to find their way out.


6. Spay & Neuter the Cat

At some point in time, indoor cats will get fussy and cranky due to hormonal imbalances. Although you are keeping them indoors, they will get various ideas to dash outside one day. What if they never come home after the escape or become pregnant? Spaying and neutering improve your cat’s health while eliminating the risk of pregnancies. Simultaneously, it avoids all kinds of aggressive behavior, such as urine marking, excessive vocalization, and roaming. However, if you are ready to raise a family with loads of kittens, you can skip the spaying and neutering part.

Final Thoughts:

Adopting a pet is a huge responsibility as you hold the bag to feed and love them. Cats are independent, which means they like doing things by themselves. But if you are limiting them to indoors, it is imperative to prioritize their well-being. In addition to essentials, provide them everything they need to stay healthy and happy. Above all, love your cat because this is the most powerful tool for making them happy.

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