Importance of Using Water Filter at Home

There are many good drinking water filter systems on the market today.  Americans are becoming more alarmed at the impurities in the local water systems in their towns.  The impurities can consist of pesticides, lead, chlorine, chloroform, copper, zinc, and mercury.

Although the government has strict regulations on all these contaminants in the water, families who are concerned about any toleration of poisonous metals and pesticides will be glad to know there are a number of good water filters available for business and residential use.

Bottled water has become more popular, but it is not regulated like water filters.  So families are turning to drinking water filter systems in their homes.

There are three basic types of filters on the market:  regular, carbon, and reverse osmosis.  All three types can filter out 99% of the contaminants and bacteria in the water.  The least expensive is the regular pitcher type that you fill with tap water and it filters down into the pitcher.

Pitchers with filters are made to fit nicely in the refrigerator door, and they are relatively inexpensive to use. Brita is the cheapest brand, and they have filters that can be recycled.

For the green environmentalist, Brita is the choice.  Pur filters out lead better than Brita.

Pur III pitchers and faucet attachments have the highest rating on the consumer index.  They are more expensive than Brita at $25 or $30 a filter, but they are better filters.  Pur drinking water filters have a graded system so you know when it needs to be changed; and they contain carbon in them, which is the best-made filter.

Under the sink carbon block filters are becoming more popular, especially in the newer homes.  Puriclean is rated the best with five stars.  It only costs $30 to $60 new, and it is easy to remove and replace the filter every six months, instead of every month or two like faucet attachments.

Puriclean is rated the highest on the consumer index for refrigerator filters. These are easily replaced every six months and come with a sticker to attach so you will remember when to replace the filter.  They are also made of carbon block.

Kitchen aid rates 4 ½ stars for their refrigerator filters.  It costs about $40, and they are easily changed every 6 months.  Although they do not rate as high, they are still good filters.

Pentek, with a carbon block, is the best brand to buy for the refrigerator. It not only reduces bacteria, but also, metals, sediment, corrosion, and iron.  Pentek has deionization reduction; which means it reduces the salt in the water.

Besides the refrigerator filter, Pentek offers a filter which can be applied either at the point of use such as a faucet or filter the whole house.  Many families are becoming aware of the absorption of contaminants in the shower and bath water and choose to put a filter on the point of entry.

Pentek also offers reverse osmosis, ultraviolet treatment, bacteria, and viral reduction for commercial or residential uses.  Reverse osmosis water filter is the best water filter system to eliminate all forms of metals, poisons, bacteria, and viral contaminations.

Doctors tell us there is an increase in a number of diseases due to the heavy metals and toxins in our bodies.  These are built up from the atmosphere and foods, but especially from the poor drinking water filter systems in our homes and businesses.  Filtered water systems are available for our better health, and they are worth the investment.

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