Hyundai and Kia Vehicles Command Your Future with Digital Key

Hyundai and Kia Vehicles

The smartphone will continue playing an integral role in how we interact with our vehicles. Now, a system such as Uber and left are used for ride-hailing. Some makes and models offer various customer services via apps. The list will only get longer and Hyundai and KIA intend to lead the charges to speak.

The Future EVs of Hyundai and Kia would use downloadable digital keys

Hyundai has announced to introduce the smart key for the electric vehicles and has also announced plans for electric vehicles wireless charging. The system goal is simple: to help future EV owners alleviate the stress of waiting in line at the charging station. Why bother standing around when the car, with the help of your own Smartphone, can handle the task for you?

All one has to do is tell the vehicle what to do using the smartphone, and it will automatically head an over to an empty wireless charging station. Once fully charged, it‘ll head over to another vacant parking sport using the automated valet parking system, thus EVs to using the station. The vehicles owners and smartphone handler will only have to call for it to come to their location.

The parking facility is the third fact0or in this advancement

The parking facility in the Hyundai vehicles will need to have the technical ability to provide the vehicle with the location of empty spaces and charging station. The charging system will also have to update the vehicles charging status in real time

Obviously, this will also require the use of fully autonomous driving capabilities, but we’ve long known automaker and technologies are working rapidly to make that possible within a decade. Hyundai and Kia would likely to have commercialized this technology. Specifically by 2025 when its first level 4 autonomous vehicle launch. The autonomous vehicles will be commercialized very soon and Hyundai has plans to digitize the city mobility by 2030 in Japan at first stage.

Hyundai Motor Group develops a Smartphone based digital key

Technology allows vehicles to be unlocked, started, and driven without a physical key. The digital key identifies user and vehicle via their Smartphone. Ford has finally replaced the physical key to the digital one, and the new digital key is not something need to keep in a pocket, it can be downloaded. The new digital key can be used by four people who are actually authorized to use it.

The Korean automotive expert has announced the digital key system which allows the users to use their Hyundai vehicles with the help of their smartphones. The digital key will be available on the application stores and can be downloaded to develop the near field communication system.

For starting the engine, then the wireless charging system contains the NFC system which can be used for igniting the vehicle.  Once the driver will unlock the vehicle and get in, he would be able to start the car engine by placing its smartphone on the charging dock. The system will be unlocked and upon a press of the start/stop button, the engine will ignite.

The vehicle system stores the user preferred vehicle settings. When the key is recognizable those setting are automatically applied when the user gets in the vehicle, even the position of the mirrors adjusted automatically, all the infotainment system controls and settings also restored by the digital key. Hyundai digital key is even smart and it can be used remotely to control the selected vehicle.

Using Bluetooth low energy communication, from engine control to vehicle unlocking and everything can be controlled from a smartphone. The autonomous parking features are commercialized and can be easily controlled remotely as many other automakers are offering this particular feature now.

The access level is relatively different from vehicle to vehicle, the owner of the vehicle can limit the vehicle functions and features to give on rent where the user would be able to use limited features. The driver can use the cell phone applications to share the data.

This system also makes easy for the automaker to remain in the data sharing environment in a car programme, In the future, the digital key will become even advanced in the future to control a triggered alarm when the vehicle reaches the maximum speed limit in a particular area and or travels outside designed areas.

The conventional smart keys are also provided with the digital key because the digital keys have some limitations as well, e.g. on the repair shop or a valet station, conventional keys will work. Hyundai has plans to gradually implement the system on its old vehicles and in its new production vehicles.

NFC is a form of radio frequency identification, which boasts a high level of security. It is clear that the NFC data transfer and sharing can be done only when both devices carrying NFC data sharing facility are set a few centimeters apart from each other.

There would be a lot of benefits of the digital key to the car drivers and as it is a new innovative scheme of sharing vehicle data, HO YOO, group leader of Hyundai Motor Group Electronics Development Group expressed. The world is moving towards other sources to find out the most modern ways for connected cars to enhance driving in the future.

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