How You Can Effectively Package and Ship Items Which Are Delicate or Fragile

How You Can Effectively Package and Ship Items Which Are Delicate or Fragile

There may be many items which are shipped on a daily basis nowadays but sending fragile or delicate items is another matter. Since these items are fragile, they can be easily damaged whilst being transported, particularly if they are shipped to other countries. And, more often than not, fragile items may be valuable (read: expensive) items as well. But sometimes, you have no choice but to ship fragile or delicate items, and this is where even a little bit of knowledge goes a long way. Here’s how you can effectively package and ship items which are delicate and fragile.

Fragile item packaging

How to package delicate or fragile objects for shipping

First, make sure you have all the packaging materials you need. The most important components are, of course, the actual box or container, scissors, and strong packing tape, packaging materials like bubble wrap and packing paper or packing peanuts, and the proper labels. If you are looking for a robust box, you may well consider the white postal boxes available from UK Packaging, which is double-lined and self-locking as well.

Securing the item

Once you have all your packaging materials, you can start by wrapping the item with the use of bubble wrap. Use several layers of bubble wrap; the thicker the layers, the better. Then cover the bubble-wrapped item in the tape. Use a few layers of tape to secure the article.

Securing the box or container

When this is done, layer the container or box’s bottom with packaging nuts. This will make the base of the box or container more secure, ensuring that your item doesn’t fall out or move while in transit. Place the article in the box and fill up the extra space with bubble wrap, newspaper or packing paper, packaging nuts, or foam. To test whether the item inside is completely secure, hold the box, close the lid, and shake it. If there is no sound, this is a good sign. You can then seal the container or box with tape. When taping the box, pay attention to the joins, and tape the box or container in both directions. The experts actually recommend taping the box in the shape of an ‘H’ so that it is more secure. Don’t forget to tape the bottom portion of the box as well.

Choosing the courier or shipping service

For fragile or delicate items, it’s best for you to choose a courier or shipping service which has proven its reliability and uses advanced methods of tracking. This way, you can easily and quickly track the parcel’s location. Make sure the service can offer door-to-door delivery straight to the hands of your recipient, so the recipient can sign for the parcel and you can be sure that they have received it.

Here’s another thing: go for a courier or shipping service which can offer you insurance coverage for your item; this is essential in case your parcel becomes lost or damaged while in transport. It’s also good to look for a courier or shipping service which can offer excellent customer support – you never know when you’ll need it, and you want someone to address any concern you have in the best possible way.

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