How to Use Brick Slips for Home Construction or Remodelling

How to Use Brick Slips for Home Construction or Remodelling

There’s no doubt that brick slips are indeed a very common choice when it comes to the construction of new home interiors. The demand has been growing steadily over the years and rightly so because of all the numerous benefits they provide as well. First and foremost, brick slips are space-saving and are very thin in oversize. Furthermore, they're lightweight too as well, making them very versatile to be used anywhere around the house, as you want, without any restrictions. Brick slip cladding is also available in a variety of materials so that you can choose what's best for your home. Moreover, you'll enjoy the same benefits as any regular brick letting your guests give the impression that you have a conventional brick wall. Brick slips also tend to be durable, breathable and non-combustible. 

The Various Ways You Can Use Brick Slip Cladding To Your Advantage

1. For Feature Walls

It should come as no surprise that brick slips are indeed great to use on feature walls in a room. You can easily create a great design on any specific wall of your room thereby making that wall stand-out and giving it the main attributes of attraction. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the bathroom or the kitchen, having a beautiful looking wall that easily blends with the rest of the home decor is always a good idea to invest upon. Furthermore, these unique features will also add to the overall replay value of your home as well. 

You can either go with a specific color choice which will blend in with the existing colors of your home interiors or go with a completely new look - the choice is yours. Feature walls are indeed a great way to add more depth and colour to your room.

2. For Fireplaces

You’ll be very happy to know that brick slips are very potent in resisting heat, which is the reason why they can be used as a backdrop for your fireplace, thereby providing you with an authentic look and feel. It should be noted that brick slips can also be used for underfloor heating purposes as well, helping your room to keep warm during the winter months.

Some of the brick slip design options available for modern fireplaces include monochromatic brick slips, which you can use if you’re into minimalistic looks. 

3. For Kitchens

As a rule of thumb, a kitchen should always have a cosy feeling and there’s no better way to do it than opting for brick slips. When choosing the type of brick slips, you need to consider some important aspects. Firstly, you have to select the brick slips according to the amount of natural light entering the kitchen. Colours like yellow or even rustic white are great options to choose from if you’re looking for a lighter finish. 

Moreover, you can use brick slips to act as a backdrop for your kitchen platform and accessories too, which will help in enhancing the ‘oomph’ factor. 

4. For Home Exteriors

It should be noted that brick slips can also be used for home exteriors for making the perfect outside wall. You’ll have the freedom to choose from various designs and it’s an overall affordable option than spending money to revamp the wall entirely. 

With the help of external brick slips, you can obtain an amazing look for your home as it’ll be mimicking the entire appearance of a real brick wall. You can choose to go with a brick-like, rugged look on your outside walls and staircases. It’s essential that you choose a non-slippery brick slip design, in case you’re planning to use it on your floor or staircases. 

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