How to Turn Your Good Restaurant into a Great Business

How to Turn Your Good Restaurant into a Great Business

So, you have started a successful restaurant and want to boost its profits. 

To do so, you need to plan your business growth tactics strategically.

In this article, you will learn how to turn your restaurant into an astounding business opportunity.

Invest in your Digital Presence

For businesses in the hospitality industry, building an online presence is an opportunity to stand out and attract new customers.

  • Build a website.

That way, you make your restaurant searchable. 

Let’s take the example of Red Restaurant, a renowned Overtown Miami restaurant. No matter if you google “restaurants in Overtown” or “Red Rooster,” it will be the first thing you see in the SERPs. 

A website also builds trust with customers. Red Rooster uses a website to promote its menu, special offers, happenings, and gift cards. 

Keep your website easily navigable, responsive, and informative.

  • Focus on attracting local customers.

To attract local audiences, hire SEO professionals. They can help you optimize your site for local keywords, claim your Google My Business listings, and build links on authoritative local websites. 

  • Boost social media marketing.

Social networks serve as search engines nowadays.

By opening business accounts and optimizing them, you will make them easier to find. 

You can also use them to share photos of your meals and promote special offers.

Finally, the greatest benefit of social networks is word-of-mouth marketing. Use social listening tools to identify customers who are talking about you, communicate with them in real-time, and reshare their photos and videos.

You can also host social media contests to engage audiences and inspire them to create user-generated content.

Use an Online Reservation System

When booking a table, customers expect the utmost convenience. That is where an online reservation system steps in. 

For starters, it improves customer experience and minimizes wait times. Patrons can book tables beforehand via multiple devices.

Above all, online reservation systems minimize human error. Your restaurant operators handle numerous phone calls and reservations every day. Therefore, it is understandable that they sometimes make mistakes that result in customer frustration. An online reservation solution automates bookings and makes the process error-free.

Expand your Services

During the Coronavirus lockdown, many restaurant businesses needed to close their doors. That heavily impacted their sales and revenues. To stay competitive and attract customers, they started expanding their services.

For example, if you still do not offer free delivery, it is time to rethink your decisions. Start by using food delivery services, such as UberEats, Grubhub, or Postmates. Over time, you can build your own delivery feet. 

Another way to expand your services is to invest in an online ordering system. We live in a mobile-first era. Most of your customers are tech-savvy and highly demanding. They prefer self-service and online communications with brands rather than calling your operators. 

Start a Loyalty or Rewards Program

An effective way to extend the lifetime value of a customer is to rewards their loyalty. Having a loyalty or rewards program will boost customer engagement and inspire them to come back. 

Fortunately, launching a loyalty program does not have to be complicated. Here are a few effective ideas to follow:

  • Restaurant Membership cards 

They offer your loyal customers a loyalty card to pay with. For example, Starbucks lets you add money to your Rewards Visa Card. You can also make purchases with it and accrue points.

  • Mobile apps 

With mobile apps, guests can create accounts, scan the app to find offers, and check-in while making purchases. Apps also simplify the rewards program, since users do not need to carry around a membership card.

  • Punch cards

Each time customers order food, they receive a punch on their card. When they collect enough punches, they will get a special promotion or a free item.

Host Events

Hosting events is not possible amid the Coronavirus pandemic, but you should consider this business growth tactic in the long-run. 

Evaluate your restaurant’s interior and find an original way to create and host on-premise events safely. 

If that is not possible, you can always host successful virtual events. For example, host a cooking class or meal reveal. 

Let customers participate actively and discuss your products and offers.


That is by no means a complete list of restaurant business growth strategies. However, it can serve as a solid starting point for you. 

Remember that, in the hospitality industry, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. You first need to assess the needs of your business and adapt these tactics accordingly.

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