How to Select the Correct Incontinence Product?

How to Select the Correct Incontinence Product?

If you are new to the incontinence field, you will not know which products to select. You need to keep some points in mind when looking for the correct incontinence product. For instance, you may not know if a pad or some pants will be the best solution for your lifestyle. It can be unclear to select the right absorbency level and product size. The following guide can help you out.

Kinds of incontinence

You can get several different kinds and causes of incontinence, for example, urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, etc. Fecal incontinence involves unintentional loss of one’s stool. You can get certain products that help with different types of incontinence.

It is an important thing to know the type, degree as well as cause of incontinence. It is possible to get help from a doctor and health care professional over here. It allows it to be simple to select the correct incontinence product.

If you contact a doctor, they can help you figure out if the issue is permanent or only temporary and the best treatments that will help solve and limit the problem and suggest the best incontinence products that will be best for every situation.

Different merchandise available

The level of incontinence is a vital factor when selecting the correct incontinence product. If you experience light incontinence, you can use a pad. When it is moderate to heavy, then a slip or pant tends to be better.

You have to look at the absorption level of the merchandise as well. Absorbency is the level of urine the incontinence product can absorb and also keep without leaking.

You can check out the variety of incontinence products from different brands, like incontinence products for women at ConvaTec. It is better to buy from a reputable brand as you can trust their products.

Selecting the correct product size

Selecting the correct size incontinency product is crucial. You need to check the absorbency level of the product. It does not have anything to do with its size. The risk of leakage is possible for an areally large product. One which is small and ill-fitted will not be comfortable.

If you want the best fit, it can be figured out by measuring your hip circumference. It gets measured with the help of a measuring tape. It gets stretched around the most area of the hips, around 10 centimeters below your navel.

Mobility and lifestyle matters

Mobility, as well as lifestyle, tend to be vital points when selecting the correct incontinence product.

If you have an active lifestyle, it is better to consider pants as well as pads. These are simpler to change and also replace by oneself. You can get inserts in different sizes along with absorbency levels. This helps cater to the person who has an active lifestyle. They are comfortable to use when pursuing physical activity.

Elderly people also experience incontinence. It can be in a nursing home or in-home care. These people usually need help when wanting to change the incontinence product.

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