How to Pair Men’s Bracelets with a Wristwatch

Men’s Bracelets with a Wristwatch

Though you are pairing your watch with a bracelet, never try to take the attention away from your watch by opting for flashy or gaudy bracelets.

You are what you wear, as goes the famous saying. Indeed fashion is an unspoken language. But it is always evolving. In the age where being presentable is very important, you should always try to stay in trend. Fashion accessories like bracelet and wristwatch have always been an essential part of any personal style. While ladies can surely get away with accessorizing, it is the men who find it a bit challenging.

Accessories for men is a growing market. Adding simple yet subtle accessories to your look will help you look sharp. However, it is essential not to go overboard with them.

Men do not have much to choose from when it comes to accessories. But whatever you have, you can undoubtedly wear them right to make a significant impact. It is not only about choosing the right accessories but also how to wear them that will put your outfit in a different league

Classy watches, simple finger rings, and bracelets are most of you prefer. However, the latest trend of combining a bracelet with your watch will look rather charming if done right.

A good watch is a must-have fashion accessory that all men should own. If you are planning to layer it up with a suitable bracelet, do remember some basic rules. The bracelet that you choose should not take the attention away from your watch. Instead, it should just accentuate it. Also, never opt for shiny or gaudy bracelets as they do not go well with most of the watches.

Here are some pointers to make your Wristwatch- bracelet combination work for you-

1. The Complementary look

How to Pair Men’s Bracelets with a Wristwatch

It is the first rule to wearing a wristwatch and a bracelet. You can pair your watch with a bracelet which is matching with the color of your watch. While color coordinating your watch and your bracelet is a safe way to wear this trend, you have to be careful with the material as well. Be sure to match your leather watch with leather bracelets and a metal watch with metal ones. It will not only make you look effortless but classy as well.

2. Do not go overboard with the number

If you like stacking up on bracelets with your watch, do remember not to go overboard with it. You can pair up a few thin strappy bracelets with your watch to give it a neat look. Too many bracelets in hand may look as if you are trying too hard. Also, it may be wise to keep your other hand bare, to balance things out.

3. Opt for metal bracelets for the dressier occasion

You can wear the wristwatch and the bracelet combo on formal occasions as well if you know how to do it right. Just opt for simple metallic cuffs with your suit. You can pair them with a classy leather strap for a complete formal look.

4. Pair your watch with beaded or strappy bracelets for a relaxed look

How to Pair Men’s Bracelets with a Wristwatch

Beaded bracelets are the most popular type of bracelet opted by men. You can wear these classy pieces with a watch for a relaxed and laid back look. Another advantage of men beaded bracelets is that you can pair them with a wristwatch of any color. You can also opt for simple leather strappy bracelets.

5. Pay attention to the size of your bracelet

Bracelets that sit too tight or too loose on your wrist may look quite unflattering. If you are not quite sure about the right fit of your bracelet, remember this thumb-rule. Heavy metallic bracelets are better-worn fit to the wrist, with just a little moving space. On the other hand, you can give more room to the bracelets with lighter material.

6. Never take the attention away from your wristwatch

How to Pair Men’s Bracelets with a Wristwatch

Though you are pairing your watch with a bracelet, never try to take the attention away from your watch by opting for flashy or gaudy bracelets. Your bracelet should just be an add-on accessory to complement your watch and make your wrist look good.

7. What to avoid while wearing a bracelet with a wrist-watch

It may be wise to avoid too many colorful bracelets when you are pairing them up with a classy watch. Also, avoid pairing heavily embellished bracelets with a watch. You should always remember to wear heavy metallic bracelets alone. Do remember not to pair field watches with metal bracelets as they may turn into an eye-sore. Avoid pairing a catchy eye watch with a flashy bracelet. It will only result in a cluttered look. If you want to pair a good looking watch with a bracelet, a simple leather strap or a chain in sterling silver will do, again depending on your watch.


Bracelets are no-longer a fashion accessory worn by women alone. A wristwatch and a bracelet combination look great on every occasion if you follow the above tips. Do not hesitate to experiment a bit to see what you like. A good watch and a bracelet combo will get you extra attention and brownie points from the opposite sex!!

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