How to Live Life With No Fear - Part 1

If there is something that you can be certain about is death. Death is something that will inevitably happen to each one of us then why should we live a life of fear. Doesn’t it make all the more sense to do what we love, make decisions that we think are right and live the moment. Well, it does, then why so many of us live a life of fear?

It is never too late to have a new understanding and live a life of no fear. Here are 15 questions that will help you rethink your life and bring fresh perspective into your life:


1. Do you take care of your body?

Your body is the only place where you live and it is the vehicle through which you are able to experience the world around you, so taking care of your body is the first important step. A healthy body forms the base of the journey of your life.


2. Are you independent?

You need the courage to be independent be it financially, emotionally or physically. When you build courage you automatically reduce the levels of fear in yourself.


3. Do you love yourself?

The opposite of fear is love. Love begins from within us. If you can love yourself only then you can love people and the universe around you.


4. Are you trying hard enough?

We have limited time in this world to do all the amazing things that we have in our minds. To make those dreams a reality, you need to push yourself every day. You might witness failure but know that failure is a part of your dream.


5. Are you true to yourself?

Be true to yourself. Once you have decided to do something, don’t look back. Go and do that as soon as possible. This will help you overcome fear and you will be able to move ahead.


6. Are you scared of making mistakes?

There is no replacement of taking the positiveness out of every outcome and situation in life. The fastest way to overcome fear is to make mistakes and learn from them. You will not only overcome the fear of making mistakes but you will live a more fearless life. This is when you will learn to live every moment.


7. Do you spend enough time with your loved ones?

Family matters and so those spending quality time with them. If you are not giving enough time to your family than all the hard work and money you are earning is meaningless. When you start to live a life for somebody else, it makes you more fearless and gives you more energy to be successful in your purpose.

This is part 1 of “How to Live Life With No Fear” and there are 8 more questions in part 2 that will help you add more meaning to your life. Do not forget to share your thoughts and comments below.

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