How to Live Fearless Life - Part 2

How to Live Fearless Life - Part 2

Do not underestimate the power of positivity. Positive thoughts and action can create many different worlds on their own. Positive thinking has everything to do with a fearless life. When you start to think positively, there are endless possibilities in a situation. You will act in the now, drop down the levels of your anxiety, you will not worry about the end result and work towards your goal or purpose. At the end of the journey, whether you fail or you pass in your purpose will not matter because you would have had fun all along the way.

Tips for living a fearless life, continue from part 1

Even though we know that the answer to living a life with no fear can be so simple, why do we get trapped in the bubble of fear? Here are another set of questions you need to ask yourself, introspect and come out with answers that will add a breeze of the freshness of actions into your life.

8. Do you love what you do?

When you love what you do, you will do that thing with all your passion. You will be all into it and you will enjoy. The things that you enjoy spending time on is never wasted time. You will feel no regrets about the end result of your outcomes because you will be so happy in the present doing your thing.

9. Are you cherishing every moment of your life and enjoying, living each moment?

When was the last time you took an evening walk near the park by your home, spend time listening to your favorite song, enjoyed a meal or any other activity that brought you sheer joy?

You need to make a note of the times when you felt that way and make those moments repeat in your life. That’s how you will reduce fear and have a fearless life.

10. Are you contributing to people around you or are you just being self-centered?

Once you have enough for yourself contribute to people around you, your family, your friends or society. When you contribute to people around you, you start to add more meaning to your life. You will have someone or something to look up to every day and contribution will add fuel to your spirit to move ahead towards your purpose in life.

11. Are you aligned with your true purpose in life?

Everybody is here for a reason, have you found your reason for being alive? If we did not have a purpose we would not have existed. We are here for a purpose and the sooner we realize our purpose the better our position becomes to eliminate fear from our life.

12. Are you giving importance to your experiences or just living a material life?

A life without experiences is close to being dead, no matter how much money we have in our bank, what car we drive and what materialistic things we possess. We have to live life to experience our dreams, things we love or places that we want to explore. Experience new things as it's what help you have a fearless life.

13. Are you making an effort to grow yourself every day?

Growth is an important aspect of every person’s life. You need to grow as a person every single day and You need to make a conscious effort to grow yourself every day.

14. Are you holding yourself back?

Once you decide to do something, don’t hold yourself back. You thought about it, decided what to do, then go do that thing. If you procrastinate it with only make you wonder if you could do it or not. This may apply to day to day small decisions and also other long term big decisions, and it's how you have a fearless life.

15. Are you waiting for perfection?

You cannot wait for your life to be perfect and then you start to act on your decision. No, don’t wait for the perfect moment, just make it happen.

You have to live a fearless life, a life with no regrets. Be positive and thankful for what you have. That’s how you can eliminate fear. Every moment of life is a learning and you have nothing to lose. Don’t forget to share your thoughts below.

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