How to Keep Your Business Running During COVID-19 through Remote IT Jobs

How to Keep Your Business Running During Covid 19 through Remote IT Jobs

The current pandemic has drastically changed the way we conduct our work. Now more than ever, businesses are encouraging or requiring employees to work from home, especially where remote IT jobs are feasible. While a number of jobs have gone remote in the past, many workers and managers are still amidst trying to figure out this change in the societal norm. While employers are adjusting to their new working lives, we at Gaper have encouraged remote work from the start.

Running a business from home seems almost impossible. To run a business successfully, one needs to constantly supervise each and everything aspect meticulously. Hence, operating it while being stuck at home can be daunting. However, we live in a technologically advanced world where running a business virtually is actually pretty easy. By utilizing IT jobs, you can maintain and grow your business all from the comfort of your home.

Maintain a professional website

Hire a remote developer to build you a proper website for your company. No matter what type of business you are running, it’s essential to maintain an online presence that informs potential customers about your business dynamics. A good developer can create a website that will properly suit your brand and the image it has created. It will offer information on your business such as who to contact for more information, offers details on the products and services that are available.

Also, hiring a web-designer might give your website the push it needs. Web designers architect an entire plan for the web site. The aesthetic, the user interface, the display, color combination, everything is done by the designer. A really good one could help you attract more clientele through the website.

Use Social Media to Develop an Online Presence

Apart from your main company website, it’s also imperative to be available and active on various social media platforms that your customers may frequent. Consider using each social media outlet for a different purpose and cross-reference each. Online Marketing is one of the fastest methods to gain traction for your business. It is very plain and simple, almost everyone in the world uses the internet. For Instance, you could use your company’s LinkedIn page to make announcements for job vacancies, you could use your company’s Facebook page for exhilarating new announcements and advancements at your company, you could use your company’s Twitter account to announce any news regarding your organization that people might find interesting. The point is, the internet has a vast variety of platforms that can be used to help you increase your business. Also, it’s ideal to keep your social media accounts active with engaging content to keep readers interested.

To further improve your online presence, you could hire remote growth hackers to help you improve your online presence. These people have experience in such work and are better suited as they can provide you with far better results than any ordinary worker. These growth hackers understand the algorithms and mechanics used online to better promote your product.

Hire a remote customer support team

A business needs constant constructive criticism and feedback to know whether it is going on the right track or not. That is where customer support comes into play. You do not need face to face interaction with your customers or clients to understand their queries. All you need is a proper communication system that can firmly deliver the customer’s message to you and you can inform them accordingly with ease. In this day and age, this type of setup isn’t hard to come by: A dedicated portion on your website for the client’s queries and a team of remote employees who can answer them at all times. That’s it. You don’t need more than that to run an effective customer support service.

Use Online Marketing for Traction

Online marketing is a highly popular way of gaining customers, even before the pandemic started. It is almost like a necessity to survive. Half of the world uses the internet at any given moment. By creating an advertisement that can garner their attention, you can potentially attract hundreds if not thousands of customers weekly. The algorithm will also assist you in this by recommending your ads to people who have searched or look up for similar things on the internet. This further helps as those are the customers who will be the most likely to approach your product in the first place.

Data Entry Done Online

Data entry is one of the most crucial parts of maintaining a business. Whether it be maintaining inventory, keeping a client list, or even just maintaining employee records. Keeping a record of everything is essential. Hiring a data entry operator or teaching your existing one to work online would be highly beneficial for your business. Some businesses can be hesitant to get automated, however, this problem may force them to commit to it. You would have every record available online and presented to you in mere seconds or even less.


The pandemic has been hard for all businesses, may it be large or small scale. However, to survive in this harsh world of ours. Change is needed to be made. Plus, going remote has a lot of hidden benefits that could be utilized using remote IT jobs.

Operating your business remotely is a smart and effective way to cut your costs while growing your brand A remote workforce will work from home, which leads to little or no overhead for your business, and many remote employees use their own equipment as well, which keeps your costs down. In turn, your employees will get the prized perk of working from home with flexibility.

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