How to Keep Termites out of Your House

How to Keep Termites out of Your House

As far as household pests go, termites are generally unobtrusive, and you usually won’t often see them walking around in your home. The downside is that they are much more damaging than many other pests because your house is their food source. Exterminating them isn’t incredibly difficult, but prevention is always the best method. They don’t just show up out of nowhere. There are plenty of things that can attract them to your property and your house.

Types of Termites

There are a few different types of termites; their main differences are where they live and how they make their homes. Knowing what kind of termites live in your area is important so you can know how to identify them and where to look for them. The four main kinds are drywood, subterranean, Formosan and damp wood termites. Some look very much like ants, so it helps to know the difference.

Subterranean termites live underground, while drywood and damp wood termites live in wood. All termites can be dangerous even if they don’t live directly in your home, however, so you still need to be wary of subterranean species.

Keep a Clean Yard

If you have had any construction or renovation done recently or have any wood or furniture lying around your house, it’s time to get rid of it ASAP. You can place them temporarily into storage units near you. Wood left outside, especially if it’s damp, can attract termites very quickly regardless of what kind they are. Any dead or dying trees can attract termites, so call a tree removal service if you need to. If you have to store any wood by your home, place it as far away from your home as you can so any termites don’t make their way over.

The same applies to mulch, as it provides both food and water for termites.

Prevent Leaks and Moisture

Damp wood attracts many kinds of termites, so make sure your house is free of plumbing leaks and that your roof is sound. Dry wood alone won’t stop all of them, but it can help make your wood a little less appealing to some species. Make sure your attic has adequate airflow to prevent moisture buildup, and check your gutters and drain lines for any water buildup.

While you’re at it, consider applying a wood sealant, especially to the exposed wood in your house in areas like your attic and garage. Sealants provide multiple types of protection against the elements and can keep many pests away.

Call Pest Control

You should definitely call pest control services if you already have an infestation, but they can also be used to provide preventative measures. A pest control service can apply termiticide to the base of your house which is designed to keep termites out of your home’s foundation, and they can also use subterranean bait to kill any underground colonies. While they’re at it, they can inspect your foundation for any holes or cracks that give them an opening to enter.

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