How to Get Pregnant Faster: 8 Easy and Proven Tips

How to Get Pregnant Faster: 8 Easy and Proven Tips

Now that you are ready and made up your mind to get pregnant, you would wish it happen as quickly as possible. But don’t get impatient if it takes time. There are a few issues that you should know and some things that you should keep away from to increase your chances to get pregnant faster. Read the tips below.

1. Get a pre-pregnancy checkup

To avoid birth defects, get a checkup earlier than you start attempting to become pregnant. Ask your doctor for prenatal nutrition containing folic acids. It will point out potential problems and will suggest to you which corrective steps you need to take to avoid issues later. It will help you become sexually fit and efficient to conceive a healthy baby.

2. Reduce the weight to get pregnant faster

This sounds fairly strange, right? But actually, it matters a lot when you are trying to conceive. By reducing your weight, you would have more chances of getting pregnant faster and having a healthy baby. If you are having more than normal weight, you must take steps to get rid of some pounds. Overweight can interfere in your efforts of conceiving. Start doing exercises, eating healthy food, and take care of your digestive issues. to lose some weight and get pregnant faster.

3. Be aware of your cycle

Your cycle is the most essential element and you should be aware of it as it gives you a good idea about your ovulation cycle and when it is the best time to conceive. A mucus-like watery discharge and adjustments in cervical mucus can also be a great indication of ovulation.

4. De-stress

Stress is quite not good for both of you when you are trying to get pregnant. Having a healthy body and mind is very important if you want to have a healthy baby. Consider doing stress-relieving routine, exercise, yoga, and meditation. Stress can affect the sperm quality in male and ovulation timings in females, so you both should get rid of stress. Make the necessary changes in your lifestyle and you will see the benefits soon.

5. Sex position matter

There are plenty of myths associated with intercourse positions when it comes to getting pregnant. It’s commonly said that the missionary position is superior to the domestic dog position. It’s a myth! According to medical research and doctors, you need to use a position that makes you both comfortable during intercourse. It will help you get pregnant faster.

6. Stay in the bed after intercourse

Sounds good? That's so. You should stay in the lying position for at least 15 minutes after finishing your lovemaking session. This will give sperm enough time to reach where they should be, i.e. in your cervix. Don't go to the bathroom and even don't get up, and try to keep your lower part and legs up, so that the sperm can move towards the cervix easily.

7. Ditch the pregnancy control

Taking contraceptive pills for a very long time can prevent the natural ovulation process. Even after stopping the consumption of these capsules, your body can make an effort to gain that common hormonal level. Check with your doctor related to the contraception method you had been adopting and the reversal time it may require to make the ovulation process normal again.

8. Quit smoking and alcohol

Do you smoke or drink? You have to give it up right now! It is the worst thing a lady can do when she is trying to get pregnant. Additionally, remove the consumption of caffeine out of your food plan. Consumption of those items can be the hindering factor in your efforts to get pregnant faster.

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