How to Design Your Home Like a Millennial

How to Design Your Home Like a Millennial

While there might be many misconceptions surrounding Millennials and their lifestyles, one thing is for certain – this generation largely focuses on simplicity, versatility and practicality, not only when it comes to leading their life, but also designing and decorating their homes. This then creates quite a clean and effortless interior design style that’s also incredibly modern and attractive. For that reason, it’s no wonder why you might want to incorporate some of these design aspects into your own home as well. To that end, here are some decorating tips that might help you achieve this style when you design your home:

Embrace minimalistic design

When it comes to younger homeowners, less usually tends to be more. Instead of opting for large floor spaces with additional rooms and extra areas that they rarely use, Millennials are happier with smaller spaces that serve their intended purpose.

How to Design your Home like a Millennial

The design of the space follows this same philosophy as well, focusing on repetitive materials, natural finishes, and a generally cohesive home look.

To achieve this minimalistic design style in your home as well, stick to clean and neat lines, choose fewer furniture and décor items, only focusing on necessities, and make hidden storage solutions a priority. These aspects lead to less clutter, and a more organized and calmer home.

Stick to a neutral color palette

Millennials tend to stick to neutral and toned down color schemes, whether it’s due to their generally minimalistic design tendencies or the fact that neutrals make it quite easy to move around from one rented apartment to another, without having to invest in new, more suitable furniture and design pieces.

If you want your home to have more of a Millennial touch as well, stick to neutral tones like white, beige, gray and black, for instance. Then, you could add a bit of interest and dynamic to your space by opting for a pop of color on an accent wall, or even by mixing different textures in similar shades, such as choosing wooden floors and furniture, glass tables and bookcases, or layered rugs in varying finishes.

Always stay connected

Another thing Millennials absolutely love is integrating technology into every aspect of their lives, including having a home that is at least in part remotely controllable. If you want to include tech into your home design, think about Wi-Fi lighting fixtures, appliances that can be controlled with a smartphone, programmable heating and cooling systems, or even smart home security systems.

How to Design your Home like a Millennial

However, in order to build a smarter home that functions seamlessly, you will need a great internet connection. For that reason, it might be wise to consider installing quality fiber optics from Jordan, as they tend to offer the best, fastest and most secure experience for any digital services.

Choose smarter furniture pieces

Following their minimalist tendencies, Millenials also often opt out of big and bulky furniture pieces that take up plenty of room, without providing too much versatility. Instead, they gravitate towards multifunctional items that serve more than one purpose, while saving on precious floor space, and still being stylish enough not to sacrifice good design.

To add more versatility to your own home, consider investing in beautifully designed, yet still smart multifunctional furniture pieces, such as sofa beds, expandable dinner tables, nesting coffee tables, or even something more intricate like floor lamps that provide additional shelf space.

Introduce natural elements

Adding more elements of nature inside their homes is another design trend Millennials are known for. This interior design style makes them feel more connected to the outdoors, while creating a calmer and more peaceful atmosphere indoors that’s incredibly beneficial for their mental health.

Apart from opting for natural materials such as wood, bamboo and stone, this also means letting more natural lighting and fresh air enter your home through larger windows. Another important aspect of this design trend includes decorating your home with plenty of greenery, from smaller succulents to larger, more classic house plants. In addition to adding some necessary color to an otherwise neutral home, greenery is also an ideal way to achieve a more organic home design.

Evidently, Millennials are focused on practicality, simplicity and minimalism in all aspect of their lives, including their interior design choices. These tendencies also make for a clean and beautiful design style that can easily be incorporated into your own home as well, using these incredible tips.

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