How to Control Your Brain for Best Performance?

Control Your Brain

Things that affect how to Control Your Brain for Best Performance?t overall intelligence

It’s a fact that a person’s overall intelligence is fairly well established even before the individual has anything to do about it. There are quite a few factors that affect a person’s overall intelligence. Their diet as an infant, family genetics, vaccinations, any type of near-fatal injuries and illnesses suffered by a person in their childhood, the preschool education—there are thousands of factors that can contribute to the building up of the overall intelligence of a person.

But just as simply a person can change bad physical genetics by the change in diet and regular attendance to the gym, similarly a person can train its brain to increase the capacity of the memory to increase far more than its initial intellectual potential. No matter what age the person is, the grey matter of the brain is constantly changing and evolving. If a little effort is put into that then surely a lot of change can be seen in a person's general IQ level, visual activity and the way the brain processes and manages visual data.

So, here are some effective ways to grow the intelligence. All the information here is backed by scientific data and research. Therefore, besides knowing about what part of the brain controls memory, we will also learn about ways to control memory.

What part of the brain actually stocks the memory?

There is no one specific or particular part of the brain that is the storehouse of memories. Different part of the brain is the keeper and storehouse of different memories.

What part of the brain actually stocks the memory?

Ways to enhance memory

  • Avoid Sugar:

    The phrase that “the way you eat defines the way you think” is true to the core. And it has been seen that eating high fructose diet may play havoc with the brain’s capacity to learn and remember information. It has been scientifically proven that a large amount of sweet might disrupt the capacity of the brain to think clearly.

  • Yoga Asanas:

    The most ancient and trustworthy trick of the trade and has been practiced through ages to benefit by many figures of importance, (many of them were people who belonged to the political career). A few hours of meditation and a few yoga postures every day can drastically improve the capacity of the brain.

  • Reduce TV:

    People who watch TV for more than four hours a day have a tendency for mind rot. Therefore, to trigger more on your thinking activities cut on watching the “idiot box”

So, these are a few ways, to try and improve the thinking capacity of the brain. 

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