How to Choose the Right Fat Reduction Method?

Fat Reduction Method

It is that time of the year again. In a few days, on New Year’s Eve, millions will make a resolution to lose weight this year. And just like that, they’ll lose the motivation to achieve it too. After all, the journey to fat reduction is highly complicated.

According to statistics, in 2018, at least 45% of the population made the resolution to lose weight and get in shape. It was the second most common resolution. This time around, the numbers are expected to be somewhat similar.

Before we head into fat reduction, it is important to understand the different fat types and their functions in your body.

Different Kinds of Fats

There are three basic kinds of fats present in your body:
1. Brown Fat: This acts more like a muscle and is present around the shoulders and neck. This fat burns even when you’re inactive and is usually associated with warmth and protection against the environment.

2. White Fat: This is the most common kind of fat in your body which gives it the shape it has. It lines your hips, thigh, tummy, arms, and breasts (in women). This type of fat can actually be oxidized into energy.

3. Visceral Fat: This is the most notorious kind of fat in your body that develops over time and can be virtually impossible to lose. Visceral fat exists between the tissues of your body. In some areas, like the heart and lungs, the visceral tissue is essential to keep everything functioning properly. In others, like under your abs, this tissue gives you a belly that refuses to get in shape.

All kinds of fats are important in the right quantities. Any imbalance can throw off the goodness of your body shape.

Fat Reduction Techniques

Maybe the real reason you cannot reduce fat is that you’re not using the right method. Here are a few fat reduction methods and their efficiencies.

Well, that makes sense, doesn’t it? Exercise helps you lose fat, get in shape, and become as energetic as you’d like. It actually turns around your life a 180°. It works all over your body, holistically.

However, the results generally take a long time. It takes consistency and effort to make a difference. On the plus side, it is non-invasive, absolutely safe, and appears to work for a vast population. But here’s the catch; some people cannot lose fat around problem areas like the tummy, thigh, neck, and waist no matter how hard they train. For these individuals, CoolSculpting might be the only option.

Diet Plans
Another way to lose fat is through changes in eating habits. There are at least a couple of dozen diet plans being marketed as the only solution for fat loss. These are relentlessly promoted across all channels of communication, each claiming to be the single most-effective remedy.

The truth is, every diet plan is more or less focused on eliminating the body’s dependency on one nutrient and replacing it with another. So you’ll be consuming less of a specific nutrient and more of another. The concept of a balanced diet, although primitive, still seems to offer the highest value.

Diet only works as long as exercise does. In seclusion, dieting can lead to other health problems, particularly if you’re unaware of your body tolerances and you put unnecessary strain on it.

Body Shapers
These might not involve weight/fat loss but they work wonders with shaping the body. Body shapers put a slight strain on your body tissues, reshaping them into your desirable fashion. With regular wear, these can actually help you shape up without lifting a finger!

Ideally, however, you should consult your doctor before using this method. There may be health conditions that would discourage the use of body shapers. Better be safe than sorry!

Surgical Fat Removal

These include liposuction and other invasive fat removal techniques. These involve getting under the skin to pump out and extract fat cells from the body. Whether the experts do it with small incisions or large ones, this surgical fat reduction is discouraged for obvious reasons. There’s always a risk of infection and disease where cuts are involved.

Non-Surgical Fat Removal

As the name suggests, non-surgical fat removal does not involve incisions. CoolSculpting is what you should look for. This method freezes stubborn fat in the problem areas of your body and encourages natural disposal thereof. It is cool (quite literally), simple, and safe. It is quickly gaining traction in the fitness communities and it is beneficial for those who are struggling with problem areas. Get rid of the flab is a safe, cut-free way that yields definite lasting results.

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