How to Apply Red Light Therapy in Life?

The development of modern technology today is rooted in the human desire to care for loved ones, share emotions, limit accidents on the road and so on. Not only are the lifeless machines, but technological products also show their duplicity in helping to improve the health of diseases that have not been treated for many years such as autism or Alzheimer.

This remarkable progress is reflected in the application of red light therapy to life, such as healing, beauty, the release of stress, anxiety. Let's explore the great apply of red light therapy in life.

Treating the diseases and beautifying

Using red light therapy with an infrared lamp is the conventional treatment today because of its convenience and the ability to cure several diseases such as skin problems, muscle, arthritis in physiotherapy.

Infrared light is also used in the treatment of heat, which treats jaundice (baby’s birth after childbirth) to stimulate blood circulation.

At present, there are many types of infrared lamps, such as the infrared lamp with 70cm high, high infrared light or infrared light bulb with height up to 1.7m. Infrared lamps include Vietnamese lights and German lights, Chinese infrared lamps, etc.

But the main feature is a special coating to filter out precisely one infrared monochrome wavelength that is used to treat blood congestion and tendonitis.

We would like to introduce how to adjust the switch of the infrared light for the best level of energy treatment depending on the condition of the disease.

Energy Level 40 ~ 70W (Equivalent to ¼ of dimer regulator):

It is a level of energy that is sufficiently treated on the skin and under the skin. Its effect is for heating, enhancing the circulation of blood, producing enzymes that are beneficial to the skin, increasing collagen regeneration, blood circulation, warming the blood vessels, the skin, etc.

The energy level has the use of efficiently beautifying.

Duration of treatment is 20-30 minutes, two times a day.

Power level 80 ~ 150 W (equivalent to ½ dimer adjustment):

Treatment of deep under the skin including the treatment of tendinitis, inflammation block blood vessels, edema under the skin, muscle pain, treatment of some diseases of hair loss, hair folliculitis.

Treatment helps the mother to warm the body, increase metabolism and increase the oxygen concentration of the body cells from which nutrient synthesis helps to improve milk quality baby.

Duration of use is 25-35 minutes every day, two times a day.

Energy levels from 150 ~ 250W (equivalent to the dimension of dimer):

This power level treatment is suitable for people with herniated disc herniation, spinal spine, sciatica, degenerative arthritis, chronic arthritis.

Adjusting this level of energy also helps the bones heal, improves calcium deficiency of bones, prevents bone aging, synthesizes calcium.

Duration of use is 15 – 20 minutes every day, two times a day.

Most of the infrared lamps have the general use.

How to use:

  • Keeping distance to use from person to lamp is 30 - 80cm, avoid close contact to prevent burns.
  • The time of using lamp depends on each energy level as above.
  • Use infrared light to illuminate the areas to be treated as directed by your doctor
  • Let the patient lie down or sit as comfortably as possible with the distance of the skin light as stated above.
  • Adjust the energy level suitable for each disease.
  • Always illuminate the lamp perpendicular to the surface of the skin.
  • After finishing, it is necessary to switch off the infrared light before cooling down for subsequent use.

The advantages of infrared lamps with red light therapy:

Suitable shape:

They have the same shape as the table lamps, but the base is designed to be larger, the bulb is a specialized balloon that turns on the infrared light to illuminate the wound to help relieve pain, blood bruising and heating.

Economical and easy to use:

The heat lamps with red light should not be glittering like light bulbs and warm the body immediately. In addition to low power consumption, the use of this type of light is also attracting a lot of attention of users. Because the heaters with red light, they do not dry the skin, do not burn oxygen.

Easy to install:

Users can install their bathroom light in the home or can easily install it in their desired locations.


The infrared lamps use high-temperature sources for red light radiation. This beam has a slight effect of the only 3mm from the surface of the skin, which is entirely appropriate for the physiological response of the standard skin except for the young skin and the mucous membrane, so it is not exposed to the sensitive skin.

Taking sauna with red light therapy

This form is most common in beauty salons. But nowadays, we do not have to spend time going to the sauna or going to the salon, but this form of the sauna can be applied right at home and for all members of the family.

In fact, taking a sauna with red light therapy is considered to be the safest method today because of its use of red light, which uses light to generate heat that affects the body, thereby heat body.

The benefits of taking a sauna with red light therapy include:

  • Increasing body energy, eliminating toxic substances, with the understanding that it improves the efficiency of the immune system as well as increases blood circulation to all parts of the body. A healthy immune system will help the body to easily avoid diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, common cold, etc.
  • This method is much safer than other saunas. It easily penetrates the tissues, uses heat to burn fat, and releases it in the form of sweat.
  • Taking sauna with red light therapy for 3-4 times a week can reduce the risk of health by more than half. That is why many people go to the sauna to relax and get rid of stress, and this habit has become very popular.
  • Also, other benefits of taking a sauna with red light therapy include: relieving muscle and joint pain, strengthening of the cardiovascular system as well as the disappearance of skin rashes.
  • During taking sauna, endorphins or right sensory hormones are taken to the brain. It also helps to improve the skin in general, to cure acne, rash, other skin disorders.
  • It helps overweight and obese people lose weight because it burns excess calories.
  • As for the taking a sauna with red light therapy, it does not heat the surrounding air like a traditional sauna, but it heats the body directly with red light heat waves. As a result, the ambient temperature is lower, usually below 60 Degree Celsius. It creates a sense of well-being, which allows for prolonged treatment time to achieve optimal relaxation, healthcare, and beauty.


Two above methods to apply red light therapy in life are practical and make anyone accessible quickly. However, you should not overuse them in treating the diseases or beautifying, but it is considered as a tool to improve the quality of life and help you comfort and relax.


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