How Much Water Should We Drink A Day

There are so many uses and important things to know about water.It plays a vital role in cleaning up Body.we can survive without food for a week but without water body we cannot live a day.
If water in the body reduced by 1% we become thirsty ,so you can understand the important of water for us.Water is the major important source to human beings or even to any creature in the universe to survive.
To maintain good health one should take water sufficiently
When sufficiently taken Water cleans our body  by removing toxins from the body  ,which may enter into the body while breathing air,eating food and various gases in the pollution and chemicalized products which we use daily.
Body functioning will be in  proper way if it is properly hydrated.

Helps To Reduce Body Fat

One should know the fact that a man with 20kg should drink 1 litre of water daily to meet requirements .
i.e if a person is weighing 60kg weight should drink 3 litres of water to clean body and get hydrated.

Likewise, according to weight of the person one should drink required  water

But remember don't drink excess water because due to excess water intake our kidneys should filter excess amount of water which may lead to kidney failures.

Kindly Care

Water eliminates toxins from the body,and it is a carrier to cells that supplies vitamins minerals and glucose .

Water participates in the biochemical action of what we ate.

It  eliminates body heat also because it has large heat capacity

Its carries out body temperature and helps to maintain body temperature. 

Anti Aging Property

With water it is also possible to get rid off skin ageing effect as it hydrates skin even.

If your skin is becoming then drink water for about 8 to 10 glasses of water daily 

to avoid wrinkles and skin ageing.

Water acts as lubricant around joints

It helps like shock absorber for eyes, brain and functioning of other different organs though it has zero calories

Water also helps to regulate the temperature of body, 

If we drink less water our body signals us with constipation,terribly dry skin,and increased incidence of urinary tract infections and reoccurring headaches.
water is useful for your body to cushion your joints  as it carries oxygen and nutrients into all your cells.


A popular way to reduce fever is to take a bath in cool water. 

This helps bring down your entire body temperature, thus reducing fever. 

The use of water in this manner is called hydrotherapy.

It decreases obesity ,headaches, kidney stones,hair fall.

It plays a vital role in reducing body heat in medication caused by using antibiotics and different types of pain killers .

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