How Are Waffle Fries Made?

There are many people in this world how came across this tasty waffle fries in their life. The round texture of net make the waffle fries so attractive that no one could resist taking a bit of it, it is an ideal food to have with the ketchup. Waffle fries are way more different than regular traditional Fries. And most of us want to know how waffle fries are made?

To make the perfect and delicious fries is easy then everybody feels. But there is particular procedure and tricks that you need to follow before making the complete waffle fries. The tastiest thing to enjoy in your backyard while there is a barbeque. You can also make it a little bit spicy by adding some of the cajun seasonings.


Things that you need to make waffle fries.

You need at least four potatoes to make plenty of the waffle fries. If you want, then you can also use cajun for a bit spicy taste, although it is not necessary to use still it won't ruin the taste of waffle fries. You need crinkle cutter and also a pot which is filled halfway with the oil, use for deep frying. And lastly, you need a food thermometer to check the temperature of the oil.

Steps for making waffle fries.

1. Waffle fires cutting technique

If you want to cut the waffle fries accurately, then take the crinkle cutter and then turn the potatoes to the 90-degree angle and slice it down. Then bring back potato holding in the same position and again slice it down. That may need some of the practice before you can master it

2. Cooking waffle fries.

Heat the oil unless it reaches up to 375 degrees, for checking the temperature you can use the food thermometer. By utilizing the pot, fryer put some of the uncooked fries in it and dip the fryer. Be care full while inserting the fryer so that the oil will not splash. Let the fries cook for about 5-6 minutes unless you find some of the golden brown colors then remove it from the oil.

3. Final step.

Let the temperature of the fries cool off then cover it with paper towels. And if you want to sprinkle some of the seasonings then it is the right time to do.

You can now enjoy the taste of the most delicious serving of waffle fries with your family, friends, and loved ones.

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