Higher the DA PA Higher the Rank on Google

Higher the DA PA Higher the Rank on Google

You might be running your website or blog for several months and despite using several SEO strategies, you are still unable to be ranked among the top Google searches. If this is the case with you, it's DA PA that you need to improve, but you need not worry about it.

This article contains an amazing solution that will help you to increase your Google ranking as well as bring more visitors to it. But before we could start our discussion on this topic, first check the DA score of your website from a DA checker.

The Secret Of High Google Ranking:

Have you ever heard about the DA or PA score? Well if you haven’t heard of it then to make it simple for, a DA or PA means the Domain & Page Authority. A high DA score is a guaranteed and sure way to increase your website’s Google ranking. It was MOZ’s idea to introduce the concept of DA PA score so that it could rule out the unnecessary and irrelevant websites and blog.

If you want to stay in the game and want to rank your website/blog on the first page of the Google Search Engine, then work on increasing the DA & PA score. There are many tricks, tactics, and strategies which you can use to shift your low/bad DA score to a high/good one. If you don’t know the current DA & PA score of your website & its webpage then first check it. For this, you need a DA checker, a tool that calculates your DA PA score.

It is important to check the DA score so that you can figure out which tactics and strategies you need and how much effort you need to put in. You have to be consistent, persistent and patient but once the results will be out, you’ll be pleased to know that it worths all the effort and patience.

Is Domain Authority & Page Authority Same?

Both the domain authority and page authority, i.e. DA PA are almost the same thing. But there is a slight difference between both of these factors. Domain authority is a metric that calculates and measures the strength & ranking of the whole domain or sub-domain. It helps you to understand the overall performance of your website better.

On the other hand, page authority is a metric that measures the strength & ranking of a single, specific web-page of your website. Page authority score is as useful as the domain authority and both of these factors are important to improve your website’s ranking on Google.

Do you want to calculate the PA score of your website? And you couldn’t find any tool for it? Here is good news for you, that you can check the PA score with the same DA checker. Yes, these tools not only calculate the score for the whole domain, sub-domain but determine the score for a single web-page as well. Improving domain authority is an important part of the SEO strategy

Here Is How You Can Improve The DA Score:

We now know how important and critical is the DA PA score, for getting a good Google ranking; let’s begin the discussion on the tactics and strategies to improve your DA score, without wasting any minute.

We have listed some of the best White Hat SEO strategies and tactics, which are approved and accepted by Google. With these tactics and strategies, you can boost up your DA & PA score guaranteed. But note one thing, that this will not happen over the night. It will require patience and consistency. By now you must have checked the DA & PA score of your website with DA checker. It means you are now ready for Step 2.

White Hat SEO Strategies and Tactics:

-       Choose A Great and Unique Domain Name:

When it comes to calculating the DA PA score of your website, MOZ has devised a number of factors on the basis of which it calculates it. One of the factors is your Domain name.

To get a good DA score it is necessary to have a great, unique and original Domain name. The name should be valid, appropriate, legal and does not offend any group. Moreover, choose a simple and easy name so that people can remember it. It will help them to return to your website.

-       Don’t Forget About The Backlinks for higher DA PA:

Though back-linking is a little outdated technique it is still effective to earn good google ranking. It is an important factor that affects the DA and PA score of your website. Backlinking is linking one website to another and it could not only improve your DA score but also brings more traffic on your website.

-       Use Internal linkings:

Internal linking is as important and useful as the back-linking. Internal linking means linking your previous posts with the current posts. It doesn’t mean you have to link every post but link only the relevant posts. If you use backlinks and avoid the internal linking, its not an effective approach.

-       Be Consistent With Your Blog Postings:

When you start a new website/blog, MOZ usually ranks it either 0 or 1. To improve this score you have to build trust. And it could be only possible when you regularly and consistently post content on your blog. Further, the content must be of high quality, it means that it should be original and unique. The more interesting you’ll make your post the more traffic it will attract.

-       Get Rid Of Toxic & Irrelevant Links:

Many new bloggers and website owners use weird, bizarre and irrelevant links & ads on their website to increase the Google ranking and traffic. First, these toxic and irrelevant links are not White Hat. Secondly, instead of increasing your ranking, these links could cause more trouble for your website, and eventually, MOZ will rank you at 0. Hence it is important to avoid any such links and ads.

-       Search Engine Optimization Is IMPORTANT:

When we are talking about the DA score and Google ranking how can we forget about the SEO i-e the keywords? No matter what strategy or trick you are using, your website and content can’t be ranked high by Google, unless you use keywords. With the right keywords and accurate amount of keywords in your content, you can improve your content optimization which will directly impact the DA PA score.

Wrap up

The summary of the above discussion is that the DA PA score plays a key role to place your website on the top Google ranking & position. The trick is to use the White Hat SEO strategy and check your DA & PA score from time to time with the help of a DA checker.

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