Healthy Survival Recipes for Bachelors Living in Cities: Part 2

This may be the point of your life when you are starting out on your career, you may be very focused on your career goals and your plans for the future. But what about taking care of your health? Most of us tend to neglect our health, that means the food that we eat and giving our body some exercise every day.


To have a productive work day at work you need to feed yourself a healthy diet and the rest will fall into place as you progress with your work through the day.


In Part 1 of Healthy Survival Recipes for Bachelors Living in Cities, we learnt two simple healthy cooking recipes for survival. If in the case you stay alone and end up cooking more than required you can always store the leftovers in the fridge or eat some of the prepared meal for lunch with a slight change in the side dishes.


Oats Khichdi or Oats Porridge Recipe

This recipe is super healthy recipe especially when you need food that can be easily digested in your stomach. It is also a good breakfast meal to prepare.


You will need a pressure cooker to prepare this recipe. Heat some oil in a pressure cooker. Add cumin seeds and black mustard seeds into the oil. Add chopped onions to the cooker and cook until it turns light brown. Add tomatoes and chopped mixed vegetables of your choice into the cooker. Add salt and turmeric powder and cook for two to five minutes. Add one bowl of dal of your choice and also, add one bowl of oats into the cooker. Pour water into the cooker till the complete mix is fully submerged. Now close the lid of the cooker and let the whistle blow for two times.


Your oats khichdi will be ready in no time.


Beetroot Pasta Recipe

Cooking pasta with beetroot will give your dish a rich reddish look. The beetroot pasta is not only tasty to eat but also very healthy due to its medicinal uses.

To prepare a beetroot pasta, first boil the pasta of your choice in a vessel till the pasta has become soft and soaked in some water. Drain the water and let the pasta sit for a while.


In a frying pan heat some olive oil, add chopped onions, ginger and garlic in the pans. Once the onion is half cooked add in the chopped beetroot into the pan. Add salt and turmeric powder for taste and cook till the beetroot is cooked. Add the pasta to the pan and grate some cheese on top of the pasta. Close the lid of the pan and let the dish simmer, add water if necessary. Your dish will be ready within five to ten minutes.


You can add these two recipes to your recipe cookbook of healthy cooking and you will be on your way to a more healthy survival as a bachelor.


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