Healthy Survival Recipes for Bachelors Living in Cities: Part 1

Living independently on your own is surely fun but when it comes to cooking healthy recipes in the kitchen it can get a little tricky and not so fun unless you know some healthy survival recipes that will make your life a lot easier. Once you have mastered some of these healthy recipes you will refrain from eating outside because cooking at home is not only healthy but also cheaper compared to eating out.


Now, what level of healthy cooking recipes you want to prepare depends on your choice of the food. Vegetarian food is generally hassle-free to prepare with minimum efforts in preparation. But make sure that the vegetables that you buy have come from an organic grocery shop or outlet. Let’s get straight into some healthy survival recipes for bachelors living in cities.


The hearty meal recipe

When you have time in your hand you can go for a complete three-course meal. Also called a full meal or a hearty meal can usually be prepared with rice or chapati, lentils of your choice and vegetable.


Preparing the rice is the easy part. Put as much rice you need into the cooker and put equal amounts of water. Seal the cooker lid and put it on the flame until you get two whistles. After that leave it for ten minutes of standby time before serving.


Preparing the lentils is similar to the rice, except you need to put double or more (depending upon how dense you want your lentils to be) amount of water compared to the amount of dal in the cooker.


For preparing the vegetables, chop the vegetables and some onion. Put some oil in the vessel, once the oil is heated, put the onions in the vessels and let the onions cook till it becomes transparent. Now, put the vegetables into the vessel and stir it. Put salt and turmeric powder according to taste. Bring the flame to simmer and close the lid of the vessel. Let the vegetables cook on low flame for 5-10 mins. Open the lid and check if the vegetables are getting stuck to the surface of the vessel. If so, you need to add a small amount of water and stir them well. Wait for another 5-10 mins while cooking on low flame. One way to know if the vegetables are cooked is to check with a spoon and try to break the vegetable with the spoon if the spoon goes through the vegetable easily that means the vegetable is cooked.  


It is preferable to have a full meal either for breakfast or for lunch. A full meal breakfast is recommended as it will form the base of your diet for the day.


Salad as a one meal recipe

Salad can be a one dish meal. If you know what to put in your salad you will very soon fall in love with the versatility of the recipe. Salad recipes can not only allow you to put in nutrients and fiber into your diet it can also act as mini-meals between your main meals. Salad recipes are very healthy provided the salad is prepared freshly.


If you are on a weight loss program or you are trying to maintain your weight, healthy salad recipes can be your secret weapon to stay in shape. How to Make a Healthy Salad Recipe to Lose Weight? It is very simple and once you know the wide range of food that you can put into your salad you will fall in love with salad recipes.


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